How to relax and improve your health without leaving the city

Choose a holiday for the whole family so that everyone in his own way happily spent time – is not always an easy task. Of course, to go all together, for example, at sea – an iridescent perspective, but often unrealistic.

After all, such an enterprise takes a lot of time only for one road and requires considerable financial recharge. The sea is far away, and the Berezka Wellness Complex is only 15 minutes drive from Sq. Kalinin, therefore, the recipe for a family holiday is simple: comfort, leisure and caring for the health of the whole family within the city, but beyond its fuss.

“Birch”, like many other out-of-town sanatoria, is surrounded by nature, clean air and incomparable silence with city din. But the “Beryozka” has a special advantage – a convenient location in the picturesque Zaeltsovsky pine forest, on the banks of the Ob River: 15 minutes from Kalinin Square on the unloaded moshchishchenskoye highway – and you are outdoors. Therefore, the desire to relax after a day’s work or a week is feasible, as if by magic, in a matter of minutes.

Fresh air, aroma of pine trees, comfortable rooms and a whole complex of medical and recreational procedures will help to improve health, improve mood and bring your body in order. In “Birch” each of the family members has the opportunity to relax in their own pleasure.

Children will certainly be delighted with the space that is so lacking in the city. Well-groomed paths of the sanatorium, lack of car traffic and, consequently, safety of movement will please the parents of the kids. On the territory of the “Birches”, very close to the residential building, is a beautiful children’s town, and 100 meters – the beach, so that the children, giving a little rest to their mothers and dads, can head to his favorite pastimes. In addition, children are provided with a children’s menu and a special set of procedures useful for the health of a small growing body.

Men are not always inclined to passive rest, so in the “Birch” for the strong half there are no restrictions at all: shish kebabs, swimming, tennis table or on the court, volleyball – to whom that liking. It is health and relaxation in motion. Those who came with the desire to improve their health, the doctor will appoint the necessary treatment procedures. So men will not reproach their ladies for being bored at the time when their companions enjoy a massage or relax in an aromophobic.

How to relax and improve your health without leaving the city

But nevertheless, sanatorium rest is more of a woman’s way to remove accumulated fatigue and take care of her body, because if you manage to find time between family and work, then rest should be absolutely useful. The habit of keeping an eye on your appearance is no longer just a prerogative of women of fashion, but also a demand of the time. And keep the figure, while on vacation, not everyone can: here and on the sand you will relax, there you will eat tightly and with pleasure – get extra 2 kilos. Continuous frustration.

In the “Birch” for women who do not want to gain weight, there is a special balanced diet – low-calorie food, but tasty. And those who want to lose a couple of kilograms will be offered a program of cleansing the body of all kinds of troubles: slags, toxins, etc.

In the “Birch” a whole kingdom of pleasures for women, who are pleased and not too lazy to take care of themselves. For example, a directional hydro massage with the help of Charcot’s shower, which, incidentally, with all its useful properties, also significantly reduces cellulite. An ascending shower will help women with gynecological diseases, as well as those with problems with radiculitis. And at your disposal an aromatherapy pill is one of the best tools for fatigue, long physical and mental stress, as well as a Russian bath, various types of massage (anti-cellulite, therapeutic, relaxing) and special pleasure – a whirlpool bath.

How to relax and improve your health without leaving the city

Another nice time for the ladies – no kitchen service. About the stomachs of precious children and beloved men will be taken care of in Beryozka no worse than their own mother and adored wife. And this is really a proper rest.

Pine forest, a beach, a guarded parking lot, sports grounds, delicious food and a complex of pleasures, useful for health and soul, is a simple recipe not only for family holidays, but also for friendly companies. So, there was a desire to pamper yourself and your loved ones – go to “Birch”: on the day off, for a couple of holidays or for a week – as you wish. Even a few hours spent at the end of the working day away from the city din, will help to cheer up and improve your well-being.

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