June 17, 2024

How to prevent a maniac attack and what to do in a critical situation

Sad statistics in Russia suggests that the number of attacks on women is growing every year. Maniacs, thieves, murderers do not disappear from criminal chronicles and do not let them relax.

As a child, parents warned us: do not go late, do not go alone. But to observe these prohibitions now, when we have grown up, is not always realistic and, moreover, deprives many opportunities. About how today you can protect yourself, preserving your personal freedom, and why a woman attracts aggression, the correspondent of SHE explained.

The main reason for the frequent attack on women is their natural weakness. “In our mentality, there is such a perception that a woman is a” victim “, says psychologist-consultant Margarita Ivanova. “What is determined not only by physical, but also by emotional weakness. ”

Psychoanalysts are accused of attacks by women themselves: “They have a more developed fantasy than men, that they want to do something with them,” says psychoanalyst Olga Krivochurova. – And this fantasy means that there is a desire to meet with the rapist. And it is executed: the rapist and the victim always move towards each other. ”

You can defeat your natural weakness and destroy the victim in many ways.

Method 1. The main thing is the trunk. The simplest, but not every woman wants to have a gun. “Pistols are bought more often by men,” the representatives of the Siberian Weapons Center say, “women do it rarely, they often buy electric shockers (2,200-3,200 rubles) and gas cartridges (140-230 rubles). ”But the electroshocker either does not have a fuse, because of what it can easily work in a close bus, or large in volume for a handbag. And gas cartridges are disposable, gas out of them leaves in five seconds, no matter how large the canister was. And the effectiveness of these tools is controversial – they need an accurate sight.

“Women choose them because of the availability and ease of use, in comparison with the gun,” explains Margarita Ivanova. – Also, if the shocker – this is exactly the defense, then the gun implies the possibility of an attack. A woman is scared to have such power. ”If you are more frightened not by power, but by maniacs, then you can use the recommendation of the Siberian Weapons Center and buy a gun for self-defense (from 6 to 15 thousand). The main thing is to get a license for weapons: pass medical examination, run after the precinct, pass the test and buy a safe for storage (1,5-2 thousand rubles) – and protection is guaranteed.

Method 2. Ready for battle. “Women’s and men’s self-defense is not much different,” said self-defense instructor Vasily Tsukanov. – The main emphasis in women’s self-defense is on the analysis of men’s vulnerabilities and the psychological setting “Any woman can rebuff the offender. ”Also, according to the instructor, combat sports can help, although if they are supplemented with analysis of street situations. In Novosibirsk, mostly oriental martial arts are popular. The reasons are the prevalence of halls, where they teach Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, etc. , in addition, attracts exotic: kimono, tatami, secret techniques. The choice of women in favor of martial arts is also explained by psychologists: “The woman is guided by the fact that these sports are less aggressive than, for example, boxing,” says Margarita Ivanova.

The woman does not have enough testosterone to beat the enemy to the blood. And in the oriental martial arts they are attracted by the beauty and philosophy of non-aggression. ”

There are not many places in the city where there are self-defense courses for women. They are specialized only in the women’s self defense club “Ya Samaya” (the cost of a one-month course is 2000 rubles) and the fitness center “Studio Fit” (1,700 rubles per month). Also, combined classes in karate and self-defense are held at the Remix-Drive fitness club (1,800 rubles for 12 lessons per month) and hand-to-hand fighting and self-defense in the Lider Sports Complex (1,000 rubles per month).

In addition to playing sports, Vasily Tsukanov advises to train imagination: “When you see a person or a group of people, imagine the situation of the attack (the attacker’s actions and yours), so you will teach yourself to always be ready. ”

If the attack has occurred, then beat on the open face and neck, you can help a sharp object, even a nail file. A blow to the most vulnerable masculine place so that the leg, if it were not for an obstacle, stopped at the navel.

Method 3. Gypsy with exit. If you are alone in an alley with an attacker, do not let yourself cry or try to deceive him. “Maybe it will affect someone,” says Tatiana Teper, psychologist at the NIKA social and psychological center. “But to cry is to act like a victim, resigned to his fate. ”So you will accept the rules of the game maniac. Instead, try to confuse him. Rush to him with a cry: “I’ve been waiting for you all my life,” or start loudly sing something or recite, or scold him with the last words. “All this is ideal to get the enemy out of psychological balance,” says Galina Goncharova, an expert in social work. “He’s waiting for obedience, overcrowding, but he gets a sort of gypsy with an exit. ”It can embarrass him or even scare him. ”

But psychologists say that such cases “do not happen once in a while”. “Imagine,” says Tatiana Teper, “a maniac has been tracking the victim for a long time, and suddenly she begins to read poetry. Such a method can bring down the mood only in one of tens of thousands. ”Instead, it is better to try to speak his teeth. A few years ago a stranger began to pester a girl in the street. She pretended that she liked him, and persuaded her to come to her house.

In the apartment, she planted him to drink tea in the kitchen, and she went to another room with her mother, and asked her to call the police. The police arrived – a shocked criminal was taken away.

But you can follow this example only, “if you are sure that there is someone at home who can save,” Tatyana Teper warns, “and if the apartment is not on the tenth floor, as violence can happen in the elevator. ”One of the most effective ways is to “attract self-loathing”: you can wet yourself or cause artificial vomiting. If none of these methods works, then do not give up: shout: “Fire”, because no one opens the door to the cry “Help”. Attract people’s attention: kick the cars that are standing side by side – the owners will jump out at their howl. And more: fight in any case, as you know how – it will not be worse all the same.

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