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Varicose veins are affected by every fifth woman and every ninth man in the world. The presence of enlarged veins, even if they do not yet bother, already carries a danger to life, as at any moment the most serious complication can occur-thrombophlebitis.

Clots formed in varicose veins can come off and get into vital organs, which often leads to death.

The doctor-phlebologist of the Center for New Medical Technologies in Akademgorodok, the member of the Russian phlebology Association, the candidate of medical sciences Yana Novikova, tells how to prevent the appearance of varicose diseases and solve the already emerging problems with veins.

According to research data, various diseases of veins today cover up to 40% of the total population of Russia. Yana Vladimirovna, what do you think, what is the reason for such a large percentage of patients?

First of all – with ignorance and inability of people to prevent the appearance and development of diseases of the venous system. For a long time, varicosity was considered almost a cosmetic defect, so the doctor was treated only with the appearance of trophic ulcers or the occurrence of venous thrombosis.

Until now, the society maintains a stable opinion about the futility of surgical treatment of venous diseases. However, to date – this is nothing more than a myth. Emerging diagnostic and therapeutic techniques allow, with proper implementation, to completely and permanently get rid of serious venous diseases.

What are the ways to treat and prevent vein diseases?

The most important thing is to treat the disease in a complex way. For example, complex conservative therapy: reception of venotonic drugs, elastic compression of legs, physiotherapy. But one should beware of thoughtless self-treatment. Only a reasonable, professional approach can be the key to success in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. Competent directional action allows, for a rather short time, as a rule, this is 3-4 weeks, to compensate for venous blood flow and significantly reduce the clinical manifestations of varicose veins.

To date, one of the most common types of exposure to veins is compression sclerotherapy. This is an effective and technological method of treating varicose veins, which does not require hospitalization of the patient, with low traumatism and high cosmetic results. Flebosclerosing treatment can be used both in cases of “vascular asterisks”, “intradermal” varicosity, local varicose expansion of the inflows of the subcutaneous veins, and in conjunction with other methods for “closing” the lumen of larger veins, up to the main ones.

Despite the centuries-old history, surgical methods remain the main one in the treatment of varicose veins, especially in Russia, which is due to the prevalence of clinically expressed forms of the disease in our patients.

Surgical intervention should be carried out only by mini-invasive, low-traumatic methods. This approach allows you to significantly reduce pain, reduce the time of complete recovery after surgery and reduce the length of stay in the hospital to one day. Important and high cosmetic effect of such operations.

Where is it better to treat vein diseases?

Until recently, specialists in all surgical profiles were engaged in treating the pathology of the veins of the lower extremities. But for about 10 years in Russia, following Europe and America, a separate direction of vascular surgery has appeared, responsible for the entire venous pathology, phlebology.

In Novosibirsk there is a unique phlebology center beyond the Urals, which operates on the basis of the Center for New Medical Technologies in Akademgorodok under the guidance of a surgeon, phlebologist, member of the Russian phlebology association, MD, Professor Shevela Andrey Ivanovich.

The use of the latest equipment of expert class, including endoscopic, allows patients to receive treatment for varicose disease of the lower extremities at the European level, without leaving the boundaries of Novosibirsk.

What are the advantages of the Phlebology Center?

Despite the fact that there are many surgeons in Novosibirsk who treat varicose veins, the main difference between the Center for Phlebology is professionalism and a comprehensive individual approach to the treatment of patients. In the arsenal of phlebologists of the Center – different types of ultrasound, including unique for Russia.

Conservative treatment is conducted using effective courses of physiotherapy, including both lymph drainage massage, and electrical stimulation, and cold wraps. According to the indications, hydromassage, laser therapy, and a combination of these techniques can be prescribed. In the presence of aesthetic problems, such as “spider veins”, they are successfully removed by laser.

In the whole of Russia, only in the phlebology center in Novosibirsk it is possible to conduct complex genetic testing to determine the risk of developing venous thrombosis, the appearance of trophic ulcers and the prediction of the nature of the course of varicose veins. This knowledge will help to make an individual plan for the prevention and treatment of the patient. Novosibirsk phlebologists conduct such counseling even for patients from leading Moscow clinics.

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