How to leaven

To become more beautiful, women are equally ready to use the advice of grandmothers, and take risks, trying new things. The first, however, is preferable and safer. 

One of the modest products for beauty, inherited from us, are brewer’s yeast: they are still actively advised so that the hair grows and the skin glows. About how effective this product for the skin and hair in fact, the correspondent recognized SHE.

Brewer’s yeast eliminates acne and hair loss, but can provoke thrush

Mushroom Place

At the beginning a little background information. Brewer’s yeast for medical purposes is grown in the process of fermentation of beer wort derived from barley malt and hops: the constituent parts of the wort are a nutrient medium for them. This they differ from yeast kitchen – yeast beer and bakery belong to the same class, but different subspecies of mushrooms: for baker’s yeast nutrient medium are other foods. And historically beauties used for their own mercenary purposes namely brewer’s yeast, the cosmetic effect of which is due to their chemical composition.

Irina Peskova, director of the Institute of Cosmetology of the NGMA, said that yeast in cosmetology is used for a long time and very successfully: “This is a natural product, it gives our body a lot of necessary components, without which keratin can not be formed – the basis of skin cells, hair and nails “.

First of all, according to the cosmetologist, yeast is beneficial to owners of oily, problem skin and skin with acne: they help reduce the amount of sebum.

Also, the dermatologist continues, yeasts are also shown to those who have hair loss or poor growth. “Hair is built from protein, accordingly, keratin should be enough. On the head about 200 thousand hair, in the active phase of growth – about 50 thousand. If the hair grows by an average of 0.3-0.5 mm per day, count how many meters of hair you need to build daily, “comments the dermatologist, noting: if there is not enough building element in the food, then the hair grows and the skin does not have to be restored , and yeast here act as a valuable food supplement. To use yeast is most useful for those who for some reason do not use cereal products – cereals and bread (we do not mean buns, but products from wholemeal flour). If the problem is chronic and pronounced, yeast takes up to six months, says the beautician.

Living tribe

However, brewer’s yeast is a living product, and therefore cunning. Before you start using them, you need to understand which product is in front of you: live yeast or so-called extract. “The cell wall of live yeast fungi has sufficient stability, it is poorly digested in our gastrointestinal tract, and therefore it is practically impossible to get proteins and vitamins from such yeasts.

But it is possible to get a cell capable of rapid reproduction and feeding on sugars, processing them with the effect of fermentation. Live yeast cells have an ambiguous effect on the microflora, so people with any fungal diseases, those with a weak intestinal flora, a severe form of dysbiosis, use of yeast is a relative contraindication, “says Olga Poznyak, a nutritionist at the Center for Healthy Nutrition.

This is known to women who do not recommend yeast to drink gynecologists: yeast can provoke thrush. 

However, do not cause, namely, to provoke: according to Lyudmila Daychman, head of the gynecological department of the Road Clinical Hospital, against the background of full well-being, this should not be. However, it is difficult to meet absolutely healthy women, therefore, if the yeast caused an exacerbation of the thrush, this should serve as an excuse to undergo a test with a female doctor – for hidden infections and flora.

Dry residue

However, with live yeast in the city is problematic: women use pharmaceutical products much more often. Usually they are a so-called autolysate, or brewer’s yeast extract. As explained Olga Poznyak, this means that the yeast cell has artificially destroyed the cell membrane. The dilapidated parts of cells and internal structures of yeast fungi and allow us to get a mixture of proteins, amino acids and vitamins without the effect of fermentation. After all, if the cells do not live, then they do not consume sugar and do not cause fermentation.

But even here, not everything is smooth: it is known that even after consuming yeast from the pharmacy box, the intestinal dysbacteriosis or the notorious thrush can awaken, which they could not cause, if the yeast is really dead.

According to Olga Poznyak, this may be a sign of a substandard product: there is no guarantee that the drug was not added simply dried yeast or that the production process did not go wrong and some of the yeast was preserved alive. And if you refer to a course in biology or the famous film “Mold”, then you can recall that the fungus – one of the most hardy and living creatures. In addition, bubbling in the abdomen may be a symptom of an individual’s intolerance to any of the components.

Therefore, the use of yeast is recommended to begin in its pure form, without additives, additional substances and extracts, which today are often added to “yeast effect” in yeast: this can only do much harm. To be sure for sure, cosmetologists recommend using specialized complex preparations containing yeast – most vitamins marked “for skin, hair and nails” include them in the composition, and in the desired form of the extract.

Finally, an important issue that often worries women is the ability of yeast to influence weight. Doctors believe that wine is the figurative expression “grow as a leap”: fears of getting better, first of all psychological.

As Nina Chernova, head of the endocrinology department of the Road Clinical Hospital, said, if a woman does not have endocrine disorders, then the yeast does not contribute to weight gain and only the positive influence on metabolism: in the intestine, the assimilation of nutrients, primarily protein, improves, which means that the body does not requires additional portions of food, shouting “I’m hungry.” Therefore, yeast sometimes even used in weight normalization programs, and certainly not for women to swell on them.

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