March 4, 2024

How to learn how to effectively use female charms

Perhaps, every woman dreams of being attractive, having a happy family, creating in her an atmosphere of trust, love and harmony. But unfortunately, this is not taught in schools and universities.

We learned a lot, but most importantly – how to be happy, how to build harmonious relationships with men, how to be feminine, often remains unknown to us …

Over the last century, a woman has won her right to independence: she holds high posts, knows how to earn money, she can build her own life and choose men. All this pleases, but often shows its opposite side: trying on traditional male roles, a woman “leaves” for the territory of man’s energies, suppressing the natural female essence. And this directly affects her condition: she lives as if by half, less and less experiencing inspiration, loses the sense of deep meaning, feels dissatisfaction and irritability …

This indicates that the woman has lost touch with her pristine, deep self, has forgotten how to hear and understand herself. Disagreement with one’s own “I” often causes problems in personal relationships. Questions begin to arise: “Why are not those men attracted to me? ”, “Why am I still alone? ”, “What’s wrong with me? ”.

How to learn how to effectively use female charms

The woman’s charisma is to a small extent dependent on her external data. Probably everyone is familiar with the story about a clever, beautiful woman who is still lonely or, conversely, stories about outwardly inconspicuous women who literally drive men crazy. Surely at such times we were visited by the idea of ​​what is the secret of their charm. And their secret is that these women are intuitively able to direct their female energy in the right direction, are able to liberate their instinctive nature and thereby gain advantages over the others. They do not invent anything new, but they are able to use what is given to every woman, but many of them are in a state of hibernation. Is every woman able to realize herself to the full as a person and as a woman? Yes! But in order to wake up the dozing “inner Woman”, we will have to make efforts.

How to learn how to effectively use female charms

Training “Magic of femininity”, conducted by the Center for Oriental Traditions and Practice “Taisha”, is aimed at ensuring that every woman can find, hear and accept her primordial essence. If you were born in a woman’s body, it means something. But what exactly? What is it – to know love, the joy of sex, the delight of motherhood and the rise of creativity? At the training “Magic of femininity” teachers help to find benchmarks that help to answer these questions while we make a long journey to our soul and discover a great potential – true femininity.

In the classes “Magic of femininity” you will be told about the features of interaction with the female flow of power and will teach to consciously use it in life, creativity, business, love. In addition, with the help of various practices, they will teach how to combine force and femininity: to harmonize the male and female beginnings within oneself, which will open up your potential to an even greater extent.

In class, you will learn to radiate a real, coming from within, rather than ostentatious sexuality, which does not depend on the length of your skirt and heel height. Additional lessons will help to establish relationships with a partner, help resolve conflict situations and gain mental and physical health. Then the training will follow that unknown, magical – that which is called female magic.

Become a Woman who is worthy of love and is not afraid to be next to a man, A woman who heals, calls for deeds, rejoices every day, A brave, loving and free woman is possible in the center of “Taisha”. This is an unusual place, decorated in a cozy oriental style, where girls and women feel at ease and relaxed. In addition to training, they gather for club meetings, discuss women’s secrets, go to the bathhouse together and find new friends. Here, women’s space with a special atmosphere, where you can relax your soul and which is so necessary in the intense whirlpool of the daily city bustle.

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