How to have dinner properly to keep the figure and stay healthy

“To lose weight, you need to eat less” – the truth is ancient and simple. The whole question is, what is, when there is and how. If everyone has to dine, and no one argues with this, there is always a war around the dinner.

Losing weight consider dinner to be their personal enemy – supporters of slim thighs prefer not to eat after six.So says the people’s wisdom, because dinner is offered to give to the enemy. But will the evening hunger effect and how does this affect health?

The fact that think about the wisdom of folk, nutritionists, recognized the correspondent of SE.

Too late?

Tight dinner is most often a tribute to the modern working schedule. It is difficult to imagine such a free owner of the working regime, which has time to dine with the family by six in the evening. Imagination is much more obliging to throw a picture of the lady who returned after sunset, lying about and biting than God sent, and the next day, perhaps, experiencing remorse on this matter.

After all, she knows that loading the stomach for the night is sinful, and her behavior gives the consumer attitude of the owner to her inner health factory. The dietary doctor of the Siberian Federal Center for Healthy Nutrition Olga Poznyak believes that it is much more useful to conduct the account not from six in the evening, but to count two hours to the alleged end point near the TV: after eating two hours before the final haven on the couch,

Another option is to go to bed later. And if you had to dine in an indecent time, then Morpheus’s embrace is worth going to later. 

However, it is unlikely that this can be considered a good advice for regular use.

Great appetites

Very often a woman is tormented in the evening not by the very fact of eating – on time or a little later – but an irrepressible passion to eat everything that gets in her fridge. Nutritionists identify two main causes of uncontrolled attacks of appetite. The first is an unbalanced daily diet. In the food chain, everything is interconnected. And if you limit yourself during the working day – be ready for evening pay: the body wants all, immediately and more.

The second is the inability to distinguish between the concepts of “hunger” and “appetite”: the desire to eat something often occurs in times when there is nothing to occupy. And the emergence of appetite without hunger itself is associated with psychological causes: this means that a woman is sad, bored or lonely.

Eating or not eating?

However, this medal has a downside – it is known that girls who desperately strive to the refrigerator in the evenings, start to hate this refrigerator and refuse to refuse the evening meal as almost a cure for all problems. Doctors believe that in this issue the most important thing is to be able to listen to your body. Dietitian GU Research Institute of Therapy Oksana Bragina says that dinner is not the most important meal – but only if we talk about its role in the daily caloric intake.

The importance of dinner is in the observance of the diet, because any long breaks in eating are unphysiological, they disrupt the normal functioning of the digestive system, and regular refusal of dinner can lead to malfunctions in its work.

That in turn will lead to a violation in other systems of the body. Learn to listen to yourself and distinguish the psychological hunger from the present. The symptoms of true hunger are primarily hypoglycemia, which manifests itself as weakness, headache and dizziness. All this – the symptoms of lowering blood sugar, especially hard to tolerate thin, asthenic young ladies. Also listen to the stomach: sucking in the pit, burning sensation, pulling sensation in the stomach area is a sure sign that you should eat, and do not force the body to exercise willpower.

“In order to lose weight, you really need to reduce the caloric content of the daily diet, and do this by refusing dinner – the easiest option for many. But it is much more correct to think about what you eat during the day, and not neglect dinner, only, of course, choosing the right products for him, “Oksana Bragina believes.

Dinner – your friend

Harmful food for dinner – it’s fried meat, potatoes, white bread, pastries, desserts and sugary drinks – products, love for which to the good does not bring even at breakfast.

Nutritionists recommend a protein-carbohydrate type of dinner. At the same time, his components must already leave the stomach by the time they retire to bed. Therefore, meat should not be fried, but boiled or stewed, and white preferred to red.

A carbohydrate part is not obtained from cereals or macaroni (we will leave them for breakfast and lunch respectively), but from vegetables. Dairy products are also useful, and especially dairy products. The notorious bottle of kefir before bedtime dieticians and do consider eating food – easy and useful. True, drinking kefir must be slow and with a sense – then it will bring a feeling of fullness of being along with its ease.

However, the option to eat an apple for dinner is not suitable for everyone. “Apples contain organic acids and a large amount of coarse fiber that irritates the walls of the stomach and causes a feeling of discomfort. Those who sat on an apple diet know that this is much more difficult than it seems, “- comments Olga Poznyak. For those who have problems with the stomach or intestines, it is worth knowing that not every fruit will benefit when eaten on an empty stomach.

Fatty fish, beans, and complex combinations of protein and starchy foods are not so harmful in themselves, but they should not be eaten at night: they take too long to digest, and instead of a night of rest you will get a restless sleep and heaviness in the stomach.

So, the main correction that life brings to the rules of dinner is the desire to have fun at the evening table and relax after a hard day, and this is the biggest catch. If you find that the cause of your hunger is not in the stomach but in your heart, find an alternative way to quench it and look for new sources of pleasure – then you will never be tormented by the remorse for an extra tidbit before going to bed.

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