How to get your dating mojo back after lockdown

Feeling a bit apprehensive about swiping right again? Fear not, it’s all about the prep. Remember, like anything new, if you’re armed with the right tools and information, you’ll be on your way to nailing this post-pandemic dating world.

OK, so your life has been tipped upside down in the past few months. We’re not going to dwell on it too much though, because there’s light at the end of the tunnel – lockdown is finally easing, which means now is a brilliant time to muster up the courage to get dating again.

If you’re currently single and wanting to get back out there, things are looking up. The current state of affairs has meant the quest for finding love is probably considered even more important than before.

Plus, a global pandemic has given us new opportunities, including the time and space for anyone new to the online dating world to actually get to grips with it. It’s also prevented us from rushing into relationships, doing things the good old fashioned way of taking our time so we’re all forming deeper connections before actually meeting up.

Take things as slowly as you need with a ‘pre-date’

Rather than diving head first into the arms of an unsuitable partner, remember, slow and steady wins the race. Having a pre-date using a video call might be an ideal option for anyone not feeling quite ready to meet someone IRL.

You can consider the pre-date as a friendly meet-up with someone you share interests with, no strings attached. It’s a stripped back, no-intimacy-required way of sussing someone out, giving you both an opportunity to get your dating confidence back again after months of laying low under lockdown. Think of it as your warm-up before the real thing, which is definitely helpful if you’ve not spoken to anyone other than your housemates/colleagues/corner shop owner over the past few months.

If you’ve never had a video call date before, there’s no better time to spread those wings of yours. After all, the quickest road to growing in confidence is to push yourself out of that comfort zone you might currently be living in. Video calls will help you ease into the dating world again, in the most convenient way possible and you’ll probably get a buzz out of it too.

Additionally, social networking app Bumble has made pre-dating an absolute breeze by introducing a Virtual Dating Badge that daters can add to their profiles so you’ll know straight away if they’re up for a video call.

If you feel like some of your brilliant qualities are often overlooked because of how fast dating usually moves, a Bumble video call is a chance to go back to basics and get to know someone over a period of time, therefore giving you a better idea of who they really are without the background noise. The best thing is there’s no need to jump on public transport (no one needs that RN) or to go through the hassle of trying to find a stranger in a busy park. Plus, if you’re not feeling it, no harm done.

Video calls can be made directly through the Bumble app so there’s no need to share your personal information, and you can have a virtual date in the place you feel most relaxed and safe. It’s a winner.

It’s not all about on-screen chemistry

Remember audio calls? You know, the ones where you just hear the other person’s voice and don’t need to look at them and you simultaneously? Well you can do them through the Bumble app too, without needing to exchange numbers.

The bonuses are that you don’t need to worry about anything more than who is on the other side of that call – a five-day-old top knot and bunny pyjamas will totally cut it. It’s also a good gut-check, giving you a blind glimpse into your date’s personality before things go any further.

Bumble also has a handy audio note feature so if you’re not quite feeling brave enough to tackle a full-on phone or video call, swapping some short and snappy voice notes with your matches makes a genius middle ground, giving you a peek into what they sound like early on. It’s a fun way of standing out too, a chance to showcase your personality – not to mention that gorgeous voice of yours.

Post-lockdown love? You’ve got this.

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