July 22, 2024

How to get the man of your dreams

Ahead of the New Year holidays. The holiday is beloved, all eagerly awaited. And also – a family holiday. To meet a year surrounded by a family or a romantic dinner together with a loved one – for some women it becomes a dream, not a nice annual habit.

Unfortunately, the problem of women’s loneliness has long gone beyond “just not lucky. ” If in the outgoing year you have not met the man of your dreams, then the New Year is a bell, that it’s time to act. To the next New Year holidays did not turn into one big agonizing question, you can use them as an investment in your own future.

New Year holidays – legalized one and a half weeks of New Year’s holiday – seem long only in words. In reality, there is usually an event, called a festive dinner in the people, – this is one big long feast. His result is a very different outline in the mirror and a crescendo of the scaling crescendo.

The mood spoils, along with it comes a bitter realization that the joy in life, unlike other areas, has not increased by a milligram. It should be noted that such troubles are more easily experienced by women who have everything on their personal front – someone who is already, and a beloved man will always find a way to save the sufferer from painful thoughts about extra calorie in the cake.

How to get the man of your dreams

Unfortunately, the world is not always equally fair to all participants of the world tour called Life. Loneliness in the noisy company of friends is not such a rare situation. A woman who has no one to bury herself in the evening under a barrel, if she is at least thrice successful, smart and beautiful, will never feel absolutely happy. And the point here, it should be noted, is not in stereotypes, but in the true deep-seated need of a woman for love. Today society carefully disguises with false meanings this first feeling, which is the very essence, the foundation of life. The slogan “I myself! ” Led to a paradoxical discrepancy: the more a woman conquers a male territory, the less she is able to use her natural talents, which, incidentally, were laid to her after her birth. Today, women have problems not only in finding the ideal for all parameters of her husband, but often just a sexual partner. And this is no joke.

Everyone knows that the secrets of seduction can be learned if the natural skills are not podfortilo. But the lack of time is broken most of these ideas. Therefore, the ideal option – to do them on vacation or on vacation. Here it is worth remembering the wonderful period of timelessness, which falls on January: according to the Eastern calendar, the New Year comes only in February. Thus, the first month of the European New Year is an ideal period for any new beginnings, predictions and making wishes.

For the New Year holidays seasoned with a favorable energy charge for everything new, the author’s seminar “Women’s Strategies” is held, held at the Academic Psychosomatic Center on January 5-6 and January 8-9.

How to get the man of your dreams

The idea to organize such a seminar was born after many years of work of the author of the training with women who are overweight. The outset here, unfortunately, is direct: a large number of women today are not satisfied with their sex life. This gives rise to problems that go far beyond the scope of women’s gossip: subconsciously justifying the absence of full-fledged harmonious relationships in every sense, the woman begins to recover, as if proving to herself and others that love in her life does not belong. This creates a vicious circle. It is known that love begins with self-love, and today many have to learn anew.

Sex and love in the life of a woman are not divided, therefore the problem of sexual dissatisfaction here is not solved by the traditional “male” method – the change of partners. It is much more important for a woman to learn how to feel, love and give her energy to one person. As the comic remark says, “A woman will call sex love, and a man and sex will turn into love. ”

The seminars held at the Psychosomatic Center are based on an understanding of the mechanisms leading to illness and problems;Here, the latest psychotherapeutic techniques and ancient wisdom, derived from traditional oriental teachings, are used.

At the first stage of the work, there is a work to remove the psychological blocks and clamps that do not allow a woman not just to exude sexuality, but even to communicate in an elementary way with the surrounding men. Crown of celibacy is a term familiar not only to patients of traditional healers. Psychologists describe a complex of settings that women do not allow to enjoy the full life and lead to various diseases.

Structuring desires is the second stage of group work conducted in class. Desires can not be turned into fortune-telling cards. From this, the essence does not change: desires are fulfilled only when the subconscious in a single stream with consciousness starts to work on the implementation of the conceived, mobilizing all the hidden resources. This is the basis of the training “Women’s Strategies”. Then begins the training of techniques that help to carry out the conceived not only in thoughts, images, but also in reality.

And then work is a long and laborious one. This is not a magic wand, not a panacea, not a recipe for a wonderful elixir. These are real methods that lead to results, the main one being love.

And further. Sometimes it seems that the dark strip will never end, there is no power and there is nothing that would help to accomplish the desired. And you are surrounded by a perfect emptiness. The paradox of love, however, is that the brightest of its flowers grow out of the void, when nothing else is left in the soul. It’s not for nothing that psychologists recently say that depression is a time that is good for beginners.

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