How to find the right model of a bra, without departing from the computer

Underwear today becomes really “bottom” – peeking out from under the clothes straps or gum panties – a bad tone. But from the fact that only one can see him, forgive me, two people, it has not become less attractive. As the femme fatale of the past century Lilya Brik used to keep a man, you need to allow him what is forbidden at home, and everything else will be made with good underwear. She offers new original models, which can be bought in the shops of our city.

The sea theme again comes into fashion 
bra 1434 rub. 
Thong 584 rubles. 
Miss Navy, “Triumph”

Set for real coquettes 
bra 1807 руб. 
panties with bands 1063 rubles. 
Erotic temptation, “Triumph”

A new model without pits, tabs and a corset part of a 
bra 2257 руб. 
shorts 1591 rubles. 
Playboy, “Bustier”

Trend of the season – animalistic print 
bra 1073 rub. 
cowards 629 rubles. 
Vendetta, “Bustier”

Delicate with fashionable thin stripes underwear for modest women 
bra 962 rub. 
shorts 370 rub. 
Vendetta, “Bustier”

There are cups for a very large breasts 
bustler 2497 rubles. 
thong 1066 rubles. 
Beautiful desire, “Triumph”

Italian underwear with a lace lace for luxurious ladies 
bra 4477 rub. 
shorts 3515 rub. 
Valery, “Bustier”

Interesting embroidery, fashionable color and a cup, decorating a small chest 
bustalter 3120 rub. 
shorts 1800 rubles. 
Chantell, Bon Dimanchе

Delicate and elegant set of 
bra 3120 rub. 
shorts 1480 rub. 
Chantell, Bon Dimanchе

An unusual combination of color will lift the mood, the shape of the cup – chest 
bra 2400 rub. 
cowards 1200 rub. 
Passionata, Bon Dimanchе

A strict set in the Victorian style 
bra 2800 rub. 
cowards 1920 rub. 
Passionata, Bon Dimanchе

Playful set of appetizing flowers 
bra 517 руб. 
shorts 305 rubles. 
Millena, “Milavitsa”

In fashion, bright colors, you can not be modest 
bra 649 rubles. 
shorts 310 rubles. 
Millena, “Milavitsa”

Deep chocolate background with unusual embroidery 
bra 887 руб. 
cowards 340 rub. 

Exquisite combination of black and pink 
bra 691 rubles. 
shorts 441 rubles. 

Mysterious, “nightly”, inviting set of 
bra 558 rub. 
shorts 297 rubles. 
Rosme, “Milavitsa”

The color of this set of seamless underwear – a real explosion of emotions 
bra 2440 rub. 
shorts 960 rub. 

On the body the kit is almost invisible – the figure looks like a perfect 
bra 1950 rubles. 
shorts 960 rub. 
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