How To Expedite Nail Growth

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but not matter what you’ve heard, no matter what old wives tales you’ve been told, nothing is going to rush your nail growth. Rubbing garlic over your nails or tapping your fingers won’t make your nails grow any faster.

Your nails grow at a fixed rate of about a millimeter a month. But what you can do, is prevent your nails from breaking, which will help them grow out healthy and long which in turn, may make your nails seem like they are growing faster!

If you’re lazy and don’t feel like adding too much to your daily routine then here’s some good news for you! It’s been proven by clinical studies that taking Biotin can help strengthen weak and brittle nails.

They won’t necessarily make your nails grow faster but they will improve their overall health which will prevent them from breaking as much. There hasn’t been a recorded limit to how much Biotin a person can take, but it’s doubtful someone can get too much biotin in their system. But if you’re ever unsure seek out your closest dermatologist or doctor for a second opinion.

Lots of people have been under the assumption that busy nails, or people who are constantly tapping and moving their nails have a quicker growth rate. Although it’s true that people with busier fingers have extra blood flow to their fingertips, this does not mean they have quicker growing nails. In fact, people who are constantly moving and grooving their fingernails have a much higher chance of breaking them slowing down the growth rate process as a whole.

So even though keeping your fingers busy won’t increase their growth rate, moisture will help with their strength! Especially when fall and winter comes around our nails can get super brittle, dry, and cracked. Our nails need lubrication much like our hands and our skin, so be generous with your hand lotion and your nails should thank you by growing out healthy and strong!

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