May 18, 2024

How To Embrace The Cosmic Chaos of Your 20s

Do you ever feel cheated by your 20s? They’re often heralded as the «best times of our lives,» but the reality is not so glamourous. And your Saturn Return could be to blame.

For many of us, our late 20s/early 30s seem dominated by earth-shattering break-ups, risky career moves, and reluctant stints of sobriety – rather than the carefree hedonism we were promised.

In 2019, Caggie Dunlop, then an actor and musician, experienced an unexpected (and unwelcome) relationship breakdown. In the next three years, her life was “turned upside down” as she navigated a career shift into the world of podcasting and started publicly sharing her spiritual journey.

It was an especially vulnerable time, but embracing the uncertainty has paid off: Caggie’s podcast Saturn Returns is widely popular, and today, she’s releasing a book Saturn Returns: Your Cosmic Coming of Age, about how we can navigate the chaos of our 20s through understanding our Saturn Return.

Here, Caggie speaks to GLAMOUR about the beauty and wisdom of ageing, the lessons we can learn from astrology, and why spinsters had the right idea all along…

GLAMOUR: Hi Caggie! It’s great to chat with you today. Let’s start at the beginning… what is a Saturn Return?

Caggie: Your Saturn Return is something that happens in your late 20s as Saturn returns to the same place in the sky it was when you were born. Within astrology, that brings an initiation into adulthood as we have to go through these big life lessons. It’s your cosmic coming of age when you come out the other side a more authentic, truthful version of who you are.

If you’ve been living out of alignment – if you are in a career that’s just not where you’re supposed to be or with the wrong partner – a lot of that stuff just comes crumbling down quickly. Saturn is associated with calmer structure, boundaries, discipline, and responsibility, so if you haven’t been living in Saturnian fashion, it can feel extra intense.

For certain people that have been living in alignment and have been embodying those principles, it can just simply mean up-levelling, so it might mean a promotion, it might mean marriage or children or just things falling into place. But if you haven’t, it will blow down your house of cards so you can build things on healthier foundations.

Can you talk about your own Saturn Return?

My Saturn return ended at the end of 2019, and I brought the podcast – Saturn Returns – out in early 2020. I was getting on with life, and then everything fell apart. A relationship fell apart that I really thought was going to be the person, my person. And then, I had a big career shift, and everything in my life was thrown upside down over those three years. It was definitely a challenging time where I felt very isolated, very confused, had big questions about my purpose and what I was supposed to be doing in life and felt like everyone was forming their life into some kind of meaning, and I was just being left behind.

“Regardless of your belief in astrology, turning 30 is such a big milestone because we have so many expectations and put so much pressure on ourselves around that time. ”

I can see through doing the podcast now and speaking about these things how universal those feelings are. And actually, regardless of your belief in astrology, turning 30 is such a big milestone because we have so many expectations and put so much pressure on ourselves around that time, especially as women because we want to have careers and our independence. Still, then there’s the narrative around the biological clock.

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