July 20, 2024

How to eat and drink at a festive table, so as not to regret it

At the end of December, the population of our country happily starts preparing for the celebration of the New Year. This holiday is loved not least thanks to the element of permissiveness, including (and especially) in the food plan: it is the sacred task of every guest to stomp “from the belly”, and the main concern of the hostess is to provide plenty on the table.

However, soon after the holiday people unite unanimously under the slogan of elimination of consequences. She learned about how to bring them to nothing or completely avoid them.

New Year’s feast usually turns into a triumph of bad habits. A triple (at least) portion of calories and a shock dose of alcohol make this holiday fatal not only for the figure, but also for health: the first week of the new year is the traditional time of aggravation of all kinds of chronic diseases.

So the “makeweight” in the form of excessive weight can become far from the most “heavy”.

How to eat and drink at a festive table, so as not to regret it

Waiting for a miracle

In December, one of the most discussed topics is pre-New Year weight loss: the leaders are all kinds of diets, recipes, tips for emergency disposal of centimeters, kilograms and headaches associated with them. Meanwhile, in the subconscious mind the installation “to suffer, to tear off” stays. In fact, this translates into food bacchanalia at the feast (as compensation for the “experience”), conscience of conscience after and the January attempts at weight loss.

Nevertheless, nutrition experts do not recommend dieting on the eve of the holiday: the metabolism in the calorie-saving mode takes place in a slow, and the whole New Year’s table is “out of place” doubly.

And the kilograms themselves, lost in an emergency, usually also return soon.

Feast for the Soul

Some believe that they will be able to control themselves during the holiday. Usually this also results in extreme forms, for example, a “vow of abstinence” from a specific product is proclaimed. For a time a woman keeps her word of honor, but the forbidden product becomes unjustifiably desired.

The psychotherapist, the expert on excess weight Varvara Leshchinsky marks, that interdictions lead only to deterioration of a situation: the subconscious can be compared to the internal child. It is known that bans on education are ineffective and the only way to influence is a contract and a compromise. Allow yourself to eat dessert, but clearly agree with yourself about the “rules of conduct” during the feast. The ideal option is to sit down and calmly make up the right menu for the New Year’s table.

How to eat and drink at a festive table, so as not to regret it

Benefits for …

The first point of the program will be the struggle of “traditions and innovations” – dishes useful and familiar (which are usually not useful).

For example, salad olivier according to the original recipe of the XIX century in the composition had hazel grouses, boiled crawfish, capers and fresh mayonnaise made from eggs. Soviet realities altered it beyond recognition: peas, sausage, and purchased “the same provencal” appeared. A vague composition can be replaced with an approximate one to the original – a completely different dish will turn out. Or, for example, instead of heavy potatoes with meat and cheese baked in layers, cook both, but separately. And offer guests a choice. Psychological trick quite works: having chosen something one, having satiated, you hardly and come additives.

Fourchette option for the holiday and at all ideal – it allows you to enjoy eating, socializing and moving, and not only feel your own belly full of delicacies.

What is the rule to take as a basis for the menu? Can I arm myself with a calorie table? Nutritionists and doctors welcome such control, but they admit that the methods of the formal approach are ineffective. “Whoever adhered to the basic rules of proper nutrition, the New Year’s table will be prepared in accordance with them. For the rest of the recommendations, these by and large will be empty, “the doctor-gastroenterologist of the highest category, the president of the International Academy of Health Ashot Khachatryan admits.

Fun for the sake of …

In order for the relationship with alcohol on New Year’s Eve to be right, start the evening with hot meat dishes. “Firstly, you can not drink a lot on a full stomach. Secondly, meat contains tryptophan – an amino acid, which in itself contributes to relaxation and psychological comfort, “- said the director of Oriental Luxury Oriental Medicine Center, psychiatrist-narcologist, Ph. D. Stanislav Grahovsky.

And thirdly, any fatty foods in the early evening prevent the rapid absorption of alcohol and do not allow heavy intoxication afterwards.

Those who actively save on “incoming” calories will have to first determine their priorities: if you intend to drink, honestly admit this and do not hesitate to eat normally.

The question “what to drink? ” Is determined by personal tastes. Sometimes our tastes fail us. So, sweet and carbonated drinks (liqueurs, champagne, cocktails, however, like any mixes of different types of drinks), loved by girls, are quickly absorbed and penetrate into the nervous system. This can quickly lead a girl into an inadequate state, and the body – to severe poisoning: he can not cope with the presented “wide range” and does not have time to break all this alcohol.

The most physiological for the body, as is known, is vodka. In an amount up to 120 g for women and up to 150 g for men, it will not lead to a chemical catastrophe. The acceptable amount of cognac is calculated by a factor of 1. 2-2. 5 times. And the wine can be drunk without harm up to 250 g.

If the norm is exceeded, you can not stop the chemical process in the body. Unless you ease it by eating more meat: food is a good absorbent, and the longer it is in the stomach, the more slowly alcohol is absorbed.

Easily next morning

In the morning, the organism is most useful for vitamin C and mineral substances. Therefore, all sour, salted, pickles and mineral water – the first medicine: make up the salt balance, remove puffiness and give energy. Stanislav Grakhovsky also recalls that poor quality alcohol (however, like a surplus good) destroys the shells of nerve trunks, and in the morning it is desirable to help the nervous system by using vitamins B and amino acid glycine.

A fasting day after abundant tastes and libations is useful and even necessary. Grateful on this day are sour-milk products: they do not load the digestive tract, at the same time effectively neutralize and remove toxins.

By the way, this can be the beginning of a succession of health days: January to the eastern calendar – a period of peculiar timelessness, when new good habits successfully take root and effectively develop. Fortunately, there is an incentive, there is an excuse and there is free time when there is no place to hurry. Learn to perceive the New Year holidays without excessive piety and then it will be easier to perceive the feast. Let it become just a pleasant dinner, and not a reason to “tear yourself away” the last time in a year.

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