How to… dress for a festival without looking like you’ve tried too hard

Once an occasion where we’d all throw on a pair of wellies, grab a can and head off, festivals have become just as much about what you wear as they are about which acts you watch.

Festival prep is no longer about learning to pronounce the coolest band names and their most obscure lyrics. Instead, it’s a chance for you to show off your sartorial prowess in a scenario that you’re bound to be papped in by your Insta-savvy pals.

But while the blanket term “festival fashion” suggests a simple style guide, it in fact incorporates a whole manner of obstacles…

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Will it be raining? Will it be scorching? Are you going to be knee-deep in mud at an UK festival? Or are you heading abroad?

We’ve come up with our guide to festival dressing whatever the weather, and have enlisted the help of our handy *Scorch-ometer* to rank outfits in terms of their weather-appropriacy. 10 = Coachella. 1 = Glastonbury 1997.

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