How to… dress appropriately for a job interview in any industry

When it comes to ‘dressing for the occasion’, there aren’t many instances more sartorially daunting than a job interview.

Is my skirt too short? Do I look frumpy? Is this too bright? Will muted colours make me forgettable? Are jeans totally unacceptable? What about trainers?

How to… wear white jeans for any occasion and keep it chic (not cheap)

To help you out, we’ve put together our top 10 interview outfits to serve either as pure inspo or shopping fodder for you to snap right up now.

We’ve even enlisted the expertise of our *very scientific* ‘Smart-ometer’ to mark a look’s formality out of 10 so that you can ensure you’ll be dressed appropriately whatever the role.

So whether you’re interviewing for a corporate job in the City (the top end of our scale), or for a more creative role in a cool Soho basement office (feel free to pluck a look from either end), we’ve got you covered.

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