July 20, 2024

How To Delete a Video in Marco Polo

Marco Polo is basically Skype meets chat. In other words, you send messages to your friends in video form, and they respond in kind.

But as with any chat, sometimes you send a message that you wish you hadn’t. Marco Polo understands and allows users to delete video messages that they’ve sent through the app. So next time you send an embarrassing Polo to your crush, remember that a few simple steps can help you unring that bell.

Delete a Video You’ve Sent
  1. Go to the conversation that contains the video, or Polo, that you want to delete.
  2. Find the Polo thumbnail in the list of videos at the bottom.
  3. Tap and hold that thumbnail.
  4. Tap Delete.
  5. Tap Confirm Delete.

This will delete the Polo from both sides of the conversation. In other words, you won’t be able to see it anymore and neither will your friend.

Delete a Video You’ve Received

Go through basically the same steps as above to remove a Polo sent to you by another person. The only real difference here is that instead of seeing the word “delete,” you’ll see the word “remove. ” This is because you can’t completely delete a Polo sent by another person. You can remove it on your phone, but it will remain on theirs.

Save a Video Before Deleting It

Maybe you want to delete a Polo before the recipient sees it, but you’re afraid that you’ll regret it. There are ways to save these messages before deleting them. How you go about this depends on whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android.


Android makes it easy with a simple “Save Video” option when you tap and hold on a Polo. Simply follow the steps for deleting your own Polo and select Save Video instead. Then go back and delete it if you still want to.


Apple makes it a little tougher, but you can still do it.

  1. Tap and hold on your Polo.
  2. Tap Forward.
  3. Tap More.
  4. Tap Save Video.

Note that you can only save a video that you made. You can’t save any Polos that were sent to you by others. You can also use the Apple forwarding function to share your Polos with friends via your iPhone or post them to social media.

Delete the Entire Chat

Maybe you’re not just worried about one Polo. Maybe your entire video history with a certain friend is a giant cringe fest.

  1. Tap the chat photo and hold.
  2. Tap Block / Delete Chat.
  3. Select Delete Chat.

This will not remove the Polos for both of you. Your friend will still have access to the entire conversation. The only way to prevent them from seeing Polos that you’ve sent is to remove them individually.

Tell Who Has Seen Your Video

If your motivation in reading this article is that you sent a Polo that you really don’t want the recipient to see, then act fast. Once they see it, there’s no deleting it from their memory.

You can tell if someone has viewed the Polo by opening the conversation and looking for the Polo in question. If you see a small circle icon in the corner of the Polo with their profile photo inside, then they’ve seen it. If not, then you still have time.

Act fast!

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