May 18, 2024

How To Cover Spots Like A Pro, Thanks To Huda’s Genius Zit Contouring Hack

“How to cover spots” has been Googled over 380 million times – probably because it’s one of the trickiest makeup moves to perfect. Wet spots, raised spots, dried-out spots: they all present their own specific set of issues, and more often than not, they still end up visible even after you’ve tried to cover them.

Of course we’re very much here for anyone who wants to #freethespot and let the suckers do their thing, but for those who want to cover-up, surely, it shouldn’t be so hard? With TikTok here to answer all of our beauty conundrums, we knew, there was bound to be some effective and inventive hacks out there for xx.

One such example is the “sticky method” made popular by beauty creator, Mikayla Nogueira, which involves prepping skin with serums and primers that make the skin feel tacky, so any concealer adheres to spots better.

But, now makeup artist and brand founder, Huda has just enlightened us to the genius of “zit contouring,” with a new video showing how to cover spots so they’re virtually undetectable.

“I’m going to teach you guys how to contour a zit,” Huda explains, revealing she’s used the method herself plenty of times. “I have done this with massive pimples – and nobody knew I had a zit until I turned my face. True story. ”

Step one: colour correct

“So the first thing you need to do, is if you have any colour on your zit, you want to correct that,” she says, applying what looks to be a minuscule amount of concealer.

Step two: highlight (yep, really)

Next Huda says: “I am going to take a highlighter colour that I would normally use to highlight my face and I’m actually going to apply that around my zit. What this is going to do is, all the area that is lifted, it’s going to make it look flat. ”

Step three: contour

“Then what I’m going to do to further flatten that pimple is, I’m going to take a little bit of a contour colour that I would usually use to make something look more deep,” she says, applying that on top of the spot.

Step four: apply foundation

“Afterwards I’m going to take a little bit of foundation [Huda opted for her #FauxFilter foundation stick] and apply it really gently, just pressing it onto the zit,” she says. “I’m not rubbing, I’m not swiping,” she clarifies, adding, «I don’t want to move all that work around. I want to tap it right into the zit.

Step four: set it

To finish, “you can set afterwards using a little bit of powder,” says Huda. “And there you have it,” she concludes. “It’s super easy, really effective and nobody will know you had a breakout except for you (and anybody on your right and left). ”

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