How to correctly calculate your ideal weight, reach and hold it

Stand on the scales and whisper: “Ideally!” – who does not dream of winning the war with excess kilograms? But the scales, which show the ideal weight, do not guarantee the acquisition of an impeccable figure. 

And anyway – what is the ideal weight? Is this the one with which you will be fashionable and thin? Or one that will allow the body to function optimally? How to calculate this ideal weight?Maybe you already have it, but you can not calm down?

Perfect means healthy

The ideal weight in terms of physiology is the optimal ratio of physical parameters to the normal functioning of the body. Ideal weight is not necessarily small, because leanness is not always a sign of health. A woman of 180 cm in height can ideally weigh 70 and 60 kg – it all depends on her constitution.

If, in addition to high growth, she is the owner of a wide bone and developed muscles, the weight can reach 80 kg, and at the same time it will not look full, because a large one does not mean a fat one.

And vice versa: “In young, nulliparous girls, the average weight often keeps below the norm,” states Elena Nikolaeva, a dietitian of the Center for Beauty and Health “Sante Aesthetics”. “At the same time, they feel good and gain kilograms beyond what they have, often can not.”

Do not forget that the weight is formed not only from “this terrible fat.” First of all, weight is the skeleton, internal organs, muscles, various fluids, and also, sorry, the contents of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, you can weigh a lot, but at the same time look slim.

Also the weight, even the ideal, as we have already said, does not guarantee the ideal proportions: in the constitutional pear-shaped type of the figure, the weight lost will not change the structure of the body, but the bottom will remain heavy. However, the approximate framework, in which it is worth keeping, is worth knowing.

We consider ourselves

There are several popular methods for self-calculation of ideal body weight. This is a method that takes into account the ratio of weight, height and age of a person. Under the age of 40 years, from the height in centimeters, 110 are subtracted, reaching 100. To fragile asthenic additions, people from this result need to subtract 10%, to add 10% to the owners of a massive skeleton, those who have normal addition do not need to calculate percentages.

“This method was invented many decades ago, when people were slightly lower than today,” says Elena Nikolaeva, a dietitian. – Therefore, such a calculation gives a serious failure in high women. 

For example, with the growth of 180 a girl should weigh 70 kg, but for her, this weight is likely to be too large! ”

The body mass index (BMI) can also be calculated independently. The body weight in kilograms is divided by the height in meters, squared. So, in a person with a body weight of 60 kilograms and an increase of 1.7 meters, BMI will be equal to 20.7. This is quite an acceptable index: the norm is the number from 19 to 25, lower – depletion, higher – excess weight, from 30 – obesity. “Calculation of BMI is suitable for those who have everything in the limit of the norm,” says dietician MK “Effect” Natalia Salnikova. – But the fact is that with the index from 25 to 30 there can be both insignificant excess weight and pre-fatigue – it is difficult to understand by the index, it requires medical calculation. “

In medical practice, the ideal weight is calculated strictly individually, taking into account the constitution, height, sex, age and other characteristics.

Although the “weird” ways to determine the right weight to a kilogram will not work, those who can take a great interest in losing weight, we recommend still determine the minimum weight on its own, the side of the reasonable, for which you do not need to step over, so as not to get exhausted. To do this, take the minimum index from the category of “norms” – this is 19 – and multiply by the height (in meters) in the square. For the owner of 60 kg and 170 cm the minimum weight will be 54.9 kg.

Ideal stages

But it is not necessary to reach this minimum. To determine your ideal weight, it is good to remember all the stages of growing up your body: “If you have never felt so little in life, even in the teenage period, then you should not try to achieve this result now,” warns Elena Nikolaeva. “This weight will not be ideal or normal for you.” But even if before the birth or at the age of 18 you remember yourself slim and want to regain the former size, you need to lose weight gradually. “When it comes to a large loss, up to 20 kg, then in the first month, weight loss should not exceed 5 kg, in the next 3-4,” warns Elena Nikolaeva. –

If you take 7 kg from the body within three months, then most likely, he will respond with hormonal failure, cycle failure, hair loss, brittle nails, dryness and early skin aging. ” 

If there is a desire to get rid of several kilograms, then the regular losses should be much less – up to 500 g per week.

There are to live

By the way, the word “diet” in Greek means “way of life”. It can be concluded that the style of nutrition, in which you gain a normal weight, it is good to make a norm for life, and not for a week of unloading. Therefore, it is better to choose a diet that you can follow all the time without suffering. Dieticians, according to the latest trends, do not elaborate to the smallest detail the menu. They tell the person about the competent approach to food intake and together with him develop a comfortable for the client concept of nutrition, taking into account his preferences (whether he likes sweet or, for example, meat).

After all, to keep the ideal, that is, the comfortable weight that you like, in which there are no disturbances in health – neither shortness of breath, nor, on the contrary, signs of exhaustion – you can only completely change your attitude to food and keep it for the rest of your life, but you want to live happily. “It’s very hard to force yourself not to eat certain foods, especially if you like them,” explains Alexei Markov, a psychotherapist at the medical and psychological center Doctor Bormental. –

Almost always such strict limitations lead to breakdowns, to the fact that the diet becomes not constant, but periodic, which does not give the desired result. ” 

And finally a little more on how to calculate the ideal weight. If a woman is attentive to herself, she will always notice at what parameters she was especially well off. For some, the young couple will be the model before the birth, for some, the ideal weight may not be so small, the main thing for the whole “ideal” is to make your life perfect. Or at least happy and easy.

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