June 24, 2024

How to cope with your laziness?

It’s hard to fight with her. This she forces you to watch the film, instead of washing dishes. It’s because of her that you constantly arrange smoke breaks and do not finish the urgent project in any way.

It is better not to talk about the future employer and future husband – they can doubt the correctness of their choice. The boss wants to see an industrious employee, and the husband is a caring bee-wife who will not lie on the couch and order pizza instead of lunch. Laziness is considered one of the most dangerous vices.

And the author of the “Divine Comedy” Dante Alighieri generally put lazy people into the fifth circle of hell. Why are we lazy and how to cope with laziness, the correspondent of SE explained.

For sure, the long-lazy phrase “I’ll try, if there is time,” was unknown to our ancestors. Their goal was survival, our goal is to do everything in the most comfortable conditions. Therefore, as an appendage to the basic needs, which are quite simple to satisfy, we have additional. We dream about how we will do something, worry about how we will manage to, tormented by torment, postpone business for later, without taking any actions as such.

How to cope with your laziness?

The origins of laziness

Laziness is an unwillingness to waste one’s energy. In conditions of limited resources, it was quite logical to try to keep as much power as possible. Hunger, the struggle with the whims of nature taught a person to spend a minimum of energy when possible.

At the same time, the gap between desire and action was very insignificant: hunger forced to go in search of food, thirst – in search of water. It did not take long to think, and it was quick to make decisions. Thus, laziness as a phenomenon arose when it became possible to digress from the pressing problems and think about the future.

Perhaps because of this many are still oppressed by worries about the distant future, which do not affect survival and distract from momentary pleasures. We by nature tend to pay more attention to what is here and now than to a foggy future.

Why are you so lazy?

Before you understand what to do with your laziness and whether you need to do anything with it, you need to determine the reasons for which you once again carry out general cleaning and going to the gym.

Lack of motivation.

For this reason, students and office workers are often lazy. The first run away from the lessons, not knowing that unearned knowledge can be useful in the future, and the latter do not see the point of plowing the whole day for a small salary. Often, office laziness is accompanied by strained relations with the authorities and a lack of understanding of what it wants from you. If you are ready to endlessly drink coffee and play solitaire, just do not work, try to analyze your activities and understand whether you are satisfied with the conditions of work, whether you are interested in what you are doing, whether there is potential growth. “Laziness is a protective function of a healthy body, protecting it from useless actions,” says psychologist Alena Sagadeeva. –

Laziness appears in the situation of internal conflict, as a rule, between “want” and “must”. And if a person does not understand, and even worse – and does not know what he really wants, laziness gives such a clue. ”


In fact, this is not laziness, but a disease of workaholics. The body does not stand the load, it fails and shows in every possible way that it’s time to rest. People who are accustomed to tight graphics and continuous work, it is difficult to hear this signal, and having become tired for laziness, they begin to work even more intensively. As a result, poor quality of work and self-dissatisfaction are obtained.

If you feel that efficiency in some area of ​​your life is declining, according to Alena Sagadeeva, you need to ask yourself exactly how you want to relax: “The answers are usually very simple, not requiring any special material or time costs. This then the desire to rejoice in the sun is distorted and turns into a desire to go to the Canaries, and the thirst for quiet solitude – the desire to go to the monastery. ”


“A successful person is in the habit of doing things that losers do not like,” wrote the publicist E. M. Gray. “He might not like it either. ”But he subordinates his feelings to the set goal. ”If you do not even want to think about cleaning on a Sunday morning, by the evening you risk discovering that the day is spent in vain, and the hours spent at the TV set do not seem to have a rest. Reasonably interspersing work and rest, you can do all the work and expect a well-deserved rest.

But you need to listen to your laziness. “It’s worth following your laziness on a regular basis, choosing the right time for this,” Alain Sagadeeva recommends. “Like Munchhausen: from such and such a time, it’s laziness. ” And watch carefully what happens when you are lazy. In this way, you can learn a lot about yourself. ”

Overcome laziness

Unwillingness to look into the future and at the same time the presence in our time of grandiose opportunities literally tear apart the modern man. We have to choose – to make efforts and achieve the desired or relax and be too lazy, accumulating energy is unknown for what.

Most often, our laziness is due to the fact that the task seems too difficult, and I really want to make it easier, easier and more accessible.

Digging into the causes of laziness is fascinating and interesting, but unwashed dishes and a quarterly report by themselves, alas, are not eliminated. If you have a good job, a wonderful dream, a written organizer on the table, and you still do not want to move, it’s time to start fighting against laziness.

• The devil is not so terrible. If you have a big business ahead of you, and you do not want to take it up for yourself, designate yourself the time during which you will begin the process. Do not scare yourself for an hour or two, start with 15 minutes – soon you’ll find that you’ve wasted your time, and cheerfully continue to swing the press or write a coursework.

Do not complicate your life. Most lazy people do not like difficulties. This can be used in the fight against their own laziness. Compete with her husband for something that requires extra gestures: for example, if you do not wash the window over the weekend, you will wash his favorite car. For fans of blogs, forums and chats, dragging lazy people into the swamp, you can ask good people to disable your Internet at the time of preparing for the exams. If you do not understand modems and cables, you will have to spend a lot of energy to revitalize the computer. It is better to do what is necessary, and quickly, and then do your favorite things.
For what is all this? Why do you come to work every day and stay here until the evening? Over time, the joy of getting a new position is erased by the harsh routine. Remind yourself how important this work is for you to survive, for your family, for self-development, etc. If you are not sure that the work will help you in this, it’s time to reconsider your goals and life priorities.
Reward for work. If the search for motivation is not crowned with success, think of a prize for diligence. You will quickly deal with a difficult matter if you know that at the end of the road you will receive a reward. It can be anything – 10 pages of a fascinating detective, 15 minutes of lying on the couch or a serving of ice cream.
• The man of the case. If you do not like to wash the floor – wash it more often. If you do not like to do gymnastics – do it. Action is the best motivation. We love to do what we do well. In the event that the visual images of clean floors and a slender figure do not impress you, just get up off the chair and get busy.
In the order of the queue. It just seems like doing three things at once, you will save a couple of hours. How would you feel if you ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in one sitting? Yet it is much more effective and more pleasant to divide the food into three meals. By doing several things at once, you get confused, lose quality and eventually get frustrated that nothing happens. What kind of motivation is there! It is better not to clutter up your consciousness with numerous actions, instead divide the big deal into several small ones.

Laziness is a very ambiguous phenomenon. Sometimes it benefits – when it gives rest to a tired body or an idea for a new invention. After all, for certain the car was invented by the person who very much would not like to go on foot.

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