July 22, 2024

How To Clean Out Your Closet In Under An Hour

Spring is here and while we can’t wait to venture outside and enjoy the fresh air and vibrant flowers, there’s just as much work to do inside–especially when it comes to decluttering your home, overhauling your closet, andtransitioning your wardrobe for warmer weather.

We consulted with expert organizer Barbara Reich, who offered up her valuable closet cleaning tips for getting the job done in under an hour.

Believe it or not, if you stick to a plan you can actually complete the daunting task in no time at all, which means you’ll have more time to head out and actually enjoy yourself.

Barbara Reich’s Tips:

  • Take it out; shake it out
    • Take out all heavy coats and sweaters
    • Take out any clothes/shoes that you didn’t wear last year and can’t see yourself wearing this year.
    • Take out any clothes/shoes that don’t fit, are in poor condition, will never fit, are no longer in style.
    • Be ruthless…
  • Maintain and move
    • Assess whether any clothing maintenance is required on winter coats and sweaters…do buttons need tightening, do the coats need to be washed or professionally cleaned, are the sweaters pilled?
    • Consider moving heavy clothing to another closet (or rack in the basement, another closet, under bed storage)
    • Make piles to donate, discard, take to cleaners, wash
  • Group like things together
    • Put all of your spring/summer sweaters together. Fold or hang by color.
    • Do the same for pants, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops
    • Hang as much as possible, it’s the easiest to see what you have
    • Put what you wear most in “Prime Real Estate. ” That means the things you wear most should be in the place that’s most accessible and easiest to reach.
  • Make a List
    • Never buy without a plan.
    • Did you discard something that needs to be replaced (e. g. , white button down that was looking gray, white cardigan)?
    • Is there something you really need?

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