How to choose the right winter footwear for a child

Shoes for the child, especially the winter one, are not easy to choose. Often the form, model, design and, alas, convenience go to the background, the question is paramount: “Will it freeze or not?”.

To keep children’s feet warm is certainly important, and to do it also with comfort for your child is easy with shoe company Rossita!

Incredibly warm, comfortable and beautiful children’s shoes will surely please you with quality performance and a variety of models!

Valenki, as is known, is the warmest footwear, and in this model the durable fur keeps the baby’s leg securely in the warmth. 23-31 size, 1199 rubles.

Let’s play cat and mouse? Having cheered, the relief sole, guaranteeing stability and safety at every step, will help to slip. 22-29 size, 1199 rubles.

In such an original model you can play in the deepest snowdrift! Kulisk, tightly tightened on the foot, will not allow snow to get inside the felt boots. 22-28 size, 1199 rubles.

Compare on heat with boots can only “Duty”. Lightweight, waterproof, stable, durable – the practicality of such a model is confirmed not by one generation! 23-28 size, 1199 rubles.

Quality footwear for children is characterized by a special sole: it must be flexible and necessarily strong. 28-33 size, 1699 rubles.

From the previous, this model differs only in color. Agree, in pink shoes even a cold winter will seem a little warmer! 28-33 size, 1699 rubles.

Children’s shoes should be equipped with a strengthened back, allowing you to firmly fix your foot. 35-39 size, 2199 rubles.

If there is enough snow for a night, you can not do without high boots – an excellent protection against getting wet. 32-39 size, 1799 rubles.

Winter shoes should not be tight. A wide sock, in addition to heat, will also ensure the correct development of the foot, preventing deformation, which is dangerous for school-age children. 27-32 size, 1399 rubles.

The bright color of miniature boots perfectly contrasts with snow-white snow, and painted butterflies and ladybugs will remind you of the summer. By the way, the leg will also feel comfortable in summer. 27-32 size, 1399 rubles.

The fabulous design of these light but warm winter boots will help your daughter feel like a real princess! 28-32 size, 1499 rubles.

Shoes for a child should not be cramped, but it is also not permissible to “hang out” on a leg. Feel free to tighten the lacing more tightly! 30-35 size, 1799 rubles.

Recently, there is little that can be compared in popularity with the ugg boots. The secret is in the convenience of a stylish model. 26-35 size, 999 rubles.

The highlight of the model – fussy pompoms, gaily dangling in time with walking. Repeats all movements of the foot and elastic sole, facilitating a slight roll from the heel to the toe. 28-33 size, 1799 rubles.

Long winter walks suggest absolute comfort and maximum warmth. Both this and the other will provide this semi-sport model. 37-41 size, 1899 rubles.

Velcro is an ideal option, when a couple of minutes left before the beginning of the lesson. Now you can change shoes in “shift” almost instantly! 37-41 size, 1999 rub.

The material from which the boots are made, perfectly retains heat and at the same time allows the child’s leg to “breathe”. So you can walk now literally “until the fall”! 31-36 size, 1799 rubles.

The impeccable elegance of this model is beyond doubt. Gracefully emphasizes the lines of the little mod’s legs a slight drapery of the top. 31-36 size, 1899 rubles.

A tight backdrop, which does not allow the foot to slide back, perfectly fixes the child’s leg in mobile winter games. 27-32 size, 1399 rubles.

Inside – a soft fur, giving warmth, and a comfortable footbed, providing an easy gait. Outside – a classic for winter white color and flirty pink sequins. 27-32 size, 1399 rubles.

To tuck the panties inside the boot tops is not only fashionable, but also warm! Even with such “warming” the leg will not be constrained in movement, will gain slightly prisborenny top. 35-39 size, 1999 rub.

Kabluchok in children’s shoes is an important element that prevents flat feet due to a slight rise of the arch of the foot. 30-35 size, 1799 rubles.

The natural desire of every girl is to be fashionable, like mom. Rich color and fringe (by the way, one of the main “adult” trends) will surely please your daughter. 35-40 size, 2699 rubles.

Even if the walk was delayed, the thick sole would ideally keep the child’s leg warm. 31-36 size, 1799 rubles.

The weather in Siberia is unpredictable: it was just a cold, but now it’s significantly warmer. Moisture-repellent material will not let the foot get wet even in slush. 30-35 size, 1799 rubles.

Boots, as if from a Russian folk tale, are nevertheless quite adapted to real life: a non-slip well-bending sole gives comfort to every step. 35-40 size, 3399 rubles.

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