How to choose the fragrance that suits you

Napoleon Bonaparte, according to legend, asked in his letters to his beloved wife, Josephine Beauharnais, not to bathe for two weeks before his arrival, so that the smell of the desired body would concentrate. 

Physiological aroma is not in high esteem, but, probably, with the same force of attraction acts on the modern man’s smell, reminiscent of a beloved woman. True, you can feel it not only in the bedroom, but even accidentally on the street – simply because a lady with the same perfume as a beloved passed by.

But, one way or another, on different skin the same smell reveals itself in different ways and with a small assortment of perfumes in stores you can smell unrepeatable. SHE correspondents learned how to pick up their fragrance.

In general, why do we want to smell something? Sociologists consider perfume in the life of modern man as another way to separate his private zone from “strangers”: his own, intimate smell people try not to take outside the house, going to public places under the protection of an artificial cloud of flavor.

Without going into the depths of the subconscious, we will voice what lies on the surface: we are sulking because a good smell delivers pleasure to us and to others, and we are happy to make them pleasant. This signal, already processed, enters the cerebral cortex. Therefore, when we choose perfume, we are guided first of all by the fact that we ourselves are pleased to feel this smell and want to inhale it many times.

To the place and by the time

An excellent assistant in the choice of perfume is not only his own nose, but also a sales consultant. However, in order to find a common language with him, it’s a good idea to understand the theory of fragrances. All odors used in perfumes and cosmetics are divided into several families according to what natural odors they resemble. The main types of odors: oceanic, floral, fruity, chypre, oriental (oriental), woody – form a huge number of combinations that provide an endless variety of perfume compositions.

According to psychologist Alena Berdnik, any odor acts on the limbic system of the brain: “This is the ancient brain department that instantly processes information about the smell, giving out an emotionally colored” conclusion “- whether it is pleasant or not. Choosing perfume, one can not ignore the situation in which they will be used, the smell can exert a strong physiological and psychological effect on the body, sometimes at an unconscious level. ”

For example, amber and musk, even synthesized, cause a playful mood, attract the interest of the opposite sex. Therefore, spirits containing these components are not suitable for the business environment.

As a rule, the basic note determines the character of the perfume and, consequently, the correspondence to your character, mood and situation. For example, the oceanic smells of Kenzo Air from Kenzo, Oxigen from Lanvin are fresh and calm, they do not excite feelings, they are well suited for daytime work, however, since their components are synthetic – the scent of the sea does not absorb the essence, it does not last long. Floral fragrances Insolence from Guerlain, Hugo Boss Femme are very feminine and romantic, and their use must match the setting. Fruity flavors of Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel, Amor Amor from Cacharel are warm and piercing, well suited to feminine and young, not as intimate as flowers and east. Oriental – Hypnose from Lancôme, Opuim from Yves Saint Laurent – the aromas are heavy, thick, suitable for evening and celebrations, rather for women than for girls.

The name of spirits can also tell about the age of prospective users, and advertising – about the preferred appearance, but it can serve only as a clue, not as a determinant. By the way, the fact that dense “fatal” spirits go only to brunettes – an outdated stereotype. Present femme fatale more and more blonde.

The only reason why the hair color factor can be the determining factor is the skin type. In natural blondes, it is often dry, in natural brunettes – fat. On dry skin, thick smells are very sharp, on greasy – they sparkle well. 

Cooking the nose

When buying a smell, professionals are advised to come to the store in the morning, when the sense of smell is most active. Before this, do not use harsh odors. Spirits should not be immediately sprinkled on the skin, it is best to try on a paper strip first. Over time, the average person can not perceive more than three flavors, so in testing you need to take breaks and refresh your sense of smell with coffee beans. Spirits that liked the most, it is necessary to try on the skin, applying them to a small patch of skin. The fragrance begins to open after 10 minutes and continues to do this for at least an hour, so that only then can you make final conclusions about it. Since the perfume interacts with the individual smell and at the same time it can change a lot, you can not do without “fitting”.

A bottle for memory

Many of us have faced a situation of choosing spirits as a gift. Would it be suitable, would it be pleasant? Ella Lomovtseva commented on this problem: “There are scents that everyone likes. For example, Dolce Gabbana Light blue, many flavors of Moschino. But it is important to consider the person’s personality: if he is tempted in aromas, he can be offended when he is given something that everyone has around him. It is dangerous to choose smells, focusing only on your own taste: in such cases, as a rule, the smell either fits well, or does not fit at all. When choosing a gift, it is better to use the help of a professional: an experienced consultant, after listening to a story about the person to whom the perfume is intended, will help make a choice. ”

“Perfume is an invisible, but unforgettable, unrivaled fashion accessory,” Coco Chanel claimed. – He notifies about the appearance of a woman and continues to remind her when she left. ” Perhaps a man will want you to smell a certain perfume he liked in the bottle. Let him give you a gift – this will show you what you think of him. It is only noticed that men often choose flavors thick and sweet. So, in addition to the gift, you will need to acquire a day-time fragrance, easier.

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