How to choose skin and hair care to conquer all

Since ancient times, people have been attracted to the secrets of plants and fragrances that give beauty and power over the opposite sex. Precious incenses and essential oils were sold in drops, for gold and silver.

In the early XX century Coco Chanel created the first perfume on a synthetic basis, which was the beginning of a mass production of inexpensive, but unnatural cosmetics. Many recipes for the use of herbs, oils and extracts, successfully used by the famous beauties of antiquity, have been forgotten.

Today, when we often began to think about our health and the benefits of natural products, old recipes of cosmetology and aromatherapy are gaining new life.The boutique of natural handmade cosmetics TRES JOLI (“Trezheli”) represents herbal cosmetics based on known, proven and effective plant extracts and oils. What is their cosmetic benefit?

It would seem that it may be easier to juice aloe vera? Many remember how our grandmothers grew and used it. And for the first time the magical cosmetic properties of aloe were noticed by the Egyptians 3000 years ago. Now many expensive moisturizing creams are made on the aloe juice, since natural antioxidants in the complex of vitamins B, C and E are very important for skin health.

In Treasure, this miracle plant is used – in the production all creams, gels and shampoos are based on aloe vera juice, not water. Aloe juice is equally successful in healing sunburn and cuts, smoothing wrinkles and slowing the aging of the skin, deep moisturizing and relieving skin inflammation. Therefore, using any means for skin care and hair “Trezheli”, you will be assured of its effectiveness.

Who would help to think that a cucumber, a popular and affordable vegetable, is also a source of “living” water? Cucumber distillate contains so-called “live” water, which is easily absorbed by the skin and provides instant deep hydration – easily penetrating the skin cells, the living water does not dry out on the surface, and the skin retains moisture for a long time. Despite the widespread availability of this vegetable, cucumber distillate is one of the most expensive cosmetic preparations: 1 kg of high-quality, organically grown cucumbers is needed to produce 1 g of distillate. Do not necessarily squeeze the cucumbers in your kitchen – with an organic tonic on the cucumber distillate and a jelly mask in the Andalus series from Treasure, you moisten the skin, narrow the pores and refresh the complexion in an instant.

The pomegranate, the “scarlet king”, was considered a magical fruit – in Ancient Greece it was the tree of Aphrodite, and in Rome – the symbol of Hera, while simultaneously representing power and beauty. Today it is proved: it includes a whole group of vitamins (P, C, B5, B12) and minerals (iodine, potassium, silicon, iron and calcium). Due to this pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant, in its properties it considerably exceeds such well-known antioxidants as green tea and red wine. Discover the series in Trezi on the extract of pomegranate – body cosmetics, vitaminizing and removing free radicals, and for hair – with the protection of colored hair and preserving their color.

It is known that the British Queen Victoria, having survived to 82 years old, kept her skin in perfect condition, using only pink water containing a huge complex of vitamins and sugars that enrich the skin and improve the complexion. A rose essential oil (absolute) – the most expensive oil in the world, for 1 g of oil you need up to 15 kg of pink petals (1500 flowers). Unique properties of the rose in “Trezheli” used to create a line for the care of dry and aging skin. Provide yourself a royal care with a tonic on rose water, anti-aging creams and serum for the face, or gel and milks on rose oil in the Sofia series .

And this is short only about some extracts and oils. And there are even the richest olive and almond oils, shea and avocados, extracts of algae, lavender, gammamelis, which are used in different series of TM “Trezheli”. All in order for your skin and hair to become even more well-groomed, healthy and beautiful.

But what about the tempting aromas? Verified by famous beauties and time, incenses and oils – roses, ylang-ylang, jasmine … Discover the little “chips” – massage oils, bubbling balls, gels, scrubs and scented candles with bright and seductive oils.

Try and evaluate the effectiveness and effectiveness of masks, creams and tonics, taking products by weight – to comply with all standards of quality and freshness, weight products are stored in special conditions in refrigerators, no more than 2 months. Fresh masks and creams on extracts of pomegranate, lavender, roses, with shea butter and calendula, and, of course, on aloe juice – everything that can provide your skin with the necessary moisturizing, nourishment, smartness and freshness.

Choose your secret of attractive beauty – men’s attention and envy of your friends are provided, because your well-groomed skin, shiny hair and happy eyes – a portrait of the true beauty.

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