How To Change Your Photos in Bumble

Want to post better photos on your Bumble profile? Maybe you made some lifestyle changes and want them reflected in your pictures. If a picture says a thousand words, your photos may give a better idea of who you are than a few well-phrased words.

Your life is not static. It’s constantly changing. Your photos can reflect that if you want them to, and there are a few ways to do that on Bumble.

Check out these quick tips on changing your photos for the app. Put your best foot forward, and show the world exactly who you are.

Your Photos on Bumble

Making changes to your profile photos is easy. Swap them out, or change the order to create an eye-catching profile.

Changing Your Profile Photos

Your profile photos are the ones potential matches see first on this app. You can change them out as often as you like. This is how you do it:

Photo Changes in Your Profile
Step 1: Log onto the App

You already have an account right? It’s time to log on, or open up the app on your phone. Also, make sure you have all the new photos handy on your phone. It will make your life easier if they are quickly accessible.

Step 2: Go to Your Dropdown Menu

On any screen you will have the option to go to your dropdown menu. It’s located in the upper left-hand corner of your phone’s screen. Click on “Edit Profile”. It’s the first option underneath your profile photo.

Step 3: Change Your Photos

In addition to your main profile photo, you have 5 additional photo slots. This makes a total of 6 possible pictures for your profile. Click the “+” icon on an empty slot to add photos.

A “Choose media” window will pop up. From there, select where you want to add photos from:

  • Import from Facebook
  • Take a Photo
  • Choose From Library

If you want to change your photo order, simply drag and drop them. Remember that the first photo is the one everyone will see first.

Additionally, you don’t have to add 6 photos of yourself, but you need to have at least one to keep your account open and active.

Deleting a Photo

Don’t like what you posted? Or, maybe you need to make room for other photos? Deleting photos from your profile is easy.

Step 1: Go to Your Profile

Pull up your profile by going to the dropdown menu on the upper left-hand side of the screen. Click on “Edit Profile” to reach your profile information.

Step 2: Deleting Your Photo

Underneath your photos is an “X” icon. Simply click on the “X” on any photos you want to delete, and they will disappear from your profile.

Linking to Your Instagram

Do you also have an Instagram? Link it to your Bumble account to add your latest posts to your profile.

Step 1: Go to Your Dropdown Menu

Remember the “Edit Profile” option in the dropdown menu? Click on that. If you don’t remember, it’s located in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Step 2: Linking to Instagram

If you scroll down on your “edit profile” page you will see a heading for Instagram with a “+” sign to the far right of it. Click on the “+” symbol. It will open up another window to give you the option of signing into your Instagram account.

Other Bumble Photo Guidelines

Did you know that you can verify your photos? Or, that they can be moderated by Bumble staff? Below are a few quick tips to make sure your photos follow this app’s guidelines.

Photo Moderation

Like any other social media platform, Bumble has policies in place to protect you and other users. That includes what photos you choose to post on your profile. Here are a few reasons your photos may be moderated:

  • Erotic content

This one may be a no-brainer, but you can’t post dirty photos of yourself or anyone else.

  • Photos of you in swimwear outside of a beach or pool setting

Next, unless you are beach or poolside, Bumble doesn’t approve of swimwear pics. So, think again if you want to post that mirror selfie.

  • Photos of you in underwear

Posting photos of you in underwear comes under the “erotic content” and “outside of environment settings” moderation. In other words, you can’t post photos of you in your latest underwear set, even if you are sitting by a pool.

  • Photos of someone underage by themselves

In addition, you can’t post photos of anyone under 18. Want to show off your kids? Make sure you are in the photo with them, or you are looking at a ban.

  • Your face isn’t clearly visible

This one may be tricky, especially for those of you who like to use filters. Make sure that the filters you use don’t completely obscure your face.

Photo Verification

Another way that Bumble protects its users is via Photo Verification. To put an end to catfishing, members may opt to have their photo verified. Getting verified is easy.

Check out the verification button on your profile. You’ll be prompted to take a selfie using a similar pose the app shows you. Send it back to Bumble administrators to have a real person check your selfie to make sure you aren’t using a fake profile.

Want reassurance that the person you’re talking to is who you think they are? You can check their photo verification as well. Just click on the verification button on the other person’s badge.


Sometimes the right photo can make or break a new connection. So, make sure you’re happy with the photos you post on your profile. If you aren’t? Changing them is easy to do.

You may also want to consider linking your Instagram account to your profile. It gives you additional space to show the world who you are, and why they need to match with you.

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