How To Change your Age in Bumble

Bumble was popular almost from the moment it was launched. A swiping game cum dating app that switches the traditional roles between men and women was bound to be a success.

If you’re dipping your toes into dating and want some help setting up your profile, TechJunkie is here to help.

Today we will walk you through how to change your age in Bumble.

Bumble is trying to do things differently but the same rules apply. You still need to provide a little information about yourself and that usually includes age, job, location and basic data. Bumble is still all about the looks and is still essentially a hot or not swiping game but with a seemingly higher quality of user. If you’re switching from Tinder, you will be amazed at the difference in quality!

Change your age in Bumble

Bumble pulls your personal information from Facebook and will use it in your profile. If you’re one of the millions of us who uses a fake birthday in Facebook to help prevent identity theft or just because, this is going to be reflected in Bumble. If you just changed the day or month, that’s not really an issue but if you messed around with your birth year, that could work against you in Bumble.

Myself and a couple of people I know have just used a different birth day to help prevent identity theft. Someone I know used a fake year that shows them as 115 years old. For normal Facebook use that’s fine as we all know her real age. Were she to use Bumble, it could work against her.

If you want to make any changes to your Bumble profile, you will need to amend Facebook first. Here’s how.

  1. Log into Facebook and go to the Request a Birthday Change page.
  2. Select the Add year text link in the center of the box.
  3. Repeat for month and day.
  4. Provide a reason for the change.
  5. Select Send.

I don’t know if Facebook checks these requests manually or uses a bot to do the work. I tried this request out and it took around 48 hours for the change to be made. It was changed on my Facebook profile but I received no notification so keep an eye on your profile if you do this.

Once you have changed your age in Facebook, the changes should be reflected in Bumble. I have heard of a few people for whom this never happened so watch your profile to see if it is updated or not. I would give it a day or two to make sure. Those people had to delete their Bumble account and make a new one in order for the app to pick up the new age so be aware.

Age and dating – Tell the truth or not?

Telling little white lies when dating is an accepted norm but when does a little white lie turn into a big lie? Depending on what you read, either a third or up to half of all dating app users lie about something on their profile. Whether that’s their weight, height, body shape, career or age, it seems lots of people are at it. But should we lie?

To my mind, much depends on what you’re using Bumble for. We all know Tinder is for hookups and have to contend with predominantly low quality people on the app as a result. Bumble is trying to be different and perhaps our approach to it should be different too.

If you’re looking to hook up on Bumble, age doesn’t really matter all that much. Your profile pic is all most people will look at and will tell the story for you. If you’re looking for something more, or using BFF mode, age is less of an issue but honesty is more of an issue.

Most people will understand someone using a fake age on the internet. A day, month or year or two difference and nobody will think twice about it. Make it more than that and it could be viewed as negatively as catfishing. That is not a good basis to begin any relationship, friends or otherwise.

A little white lie at the beginning of a friendship or relationship is going to be fine, something more significant is not so think carefully before you create your Bumble profile. While you genuinely can be whoever you want to be online, if you want to take it offline, the truth usually comes out.

What’s your opinion on massaging the truth when dating? Do you think a little white lie here and there is acceptable? Tell us your thoughts below.

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