How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home during lockdown

If you’re looking for some romantic date night inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together some cute Valentine’s Day lockdown ideas that you can totally pull off at home and that will definitely bring some loved-up cheer to your other half.

After all, there’s no better time like the present to show some appreciation for the people you adore the most.
We know, we know, another annual celebration that we have to spend locked up at home. While some people might find the thought of raising a toast to Valentine’s Day, on February 14, a bit of a cheese-fest, let’s face it, any day that gives us a chance to do something a BIT different during lockdown is worth lapping up this year.

If you need further persuading, Valentine’s Day 2021 actually falls on a Sunday this year so many of us don’t have work as an excuse to get in the way of going all out.

A loved-up breakfast

If you don’t fancy being in the kitchen, we suggest you get organised ASAP and order a breakfast hamper delivery in advance. Depending on where you are in the country, Gail’s do a pretty nifty Breakfast In Bed box (just-baked croissants, cinnamon buns, sourdough etc) or check out your local deli or bakery, who might offer delivery, if not get up early and head there before you’re other half wakes up.

If you’re keen to cook up a storm, prep as much as you before so you have all the kit. Purchase some heart-shaped pancake moulds from Amazon.

Present them with a stack of Valentine’s Day pancakes, drizzled with syrup, berries, cream, whatever they love the most. If it’s a full English they’d rather, why not use the heart moulds for the eggs.

Treasure hunting

If you’ve got them a Valentine’s Day gift, you could opt for a different way of presenting it to them this year by putting together a sweet treasure hunt. Even if it’s some Post-It nights pointing to where the present is hidden, it will at least bring some extra excitement (we’re envisioning the scene from The Notebook when Noah leaves signs for Allie to find the art easel).

Make your own Valentine’s Day film

You could make a scrapbook but how about putting your video editing skills together and creating an adorable slideshow of snaps of you both together, charting your relationship with some jaunty songs (ideally something that will get them a bit emotional).

A night at the cinema

If you’re not yet sick of films, how about making this lockdown Valentine’s Day more special than your usual evening telly sess by creating a proper cinema-esque experience at home. Stock up on treats galore, we’re talking pick and mix, crisps, nachos (if you’re based in London and feeling lazy, the movie night Pique hampers are pretty epic)

Whip up some cocktails (or buy some pre-made ones) and choose a film you both love or put a couple of new releases into a bowl and pick one at random. You could even create a gorgeous, fairy-light lit atmosphere just to make it feel a little more apt for this annual festivity.

Get spa-ing

Creating an at-home spa experience sounds rather lovely for a Valentine’s Day at home but not everyone can rely on their partner to be a pro at providing massages, aka “You’re rubbing the same spot!” so if you’re reading this, it’s probably going to be you being the therapist this time. Stock up on lovely essential oils and watch a couple of YouTube videos on how to get a profess technique. Just you wait, they will seriously melt.

Spruce it up in the bedroom

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re in lockdown, you could use it to your advantage, taking your partner by surprise and creating an extra kinky evening. This could involve a little role play, slipping into some sexy lingerie or introducing some sex toys into the bedrooms. The choice is all yours.

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