July 24, 2024

How To Become a VIbee in Bumble

Tired of right-swiping potential matches only to find out they’re duds? Bumble may have the answer for you. How would you feel about only having VIP users to swipe through?

That’s right. The dating app that “lets women make the first move” has a program that rewards users for good behavior when using the app. And if you are a VIBee member, you could match these types of people.

Want to know more? Take a closer look at the VIBee program. Find out what the previous version offers, and what new changes may be in the works.

What Is VIBee?

Online dating generally works the same, right? You browse profiles and mark the ones you are interested in. Dating apps streamline the process, but you still never know what type of person you’re trying to match with.

Bumble strives to give you a little bit of comfort and security in this aspect with their VIBee program. Unlike other apps, the purpose of this new tier isn’t to verify high-profile users. Instead, it seeks to elevate users with good behavioral presence and history, regardless of the user’s social status or profile photo.

How It Works

There’s no perfect way to pick perfect people, but Bumble is trying. They created a unique algorithm that includes app behavior stats like:

  • Percentage of two-way conversations
  • Spam or abuse reports
  • Likelihood of follow-up conversations

Basically, if you observe the rules and have some manners, you may qualify to be a VIBee user. By keeping the criteria for these high-tier members open, Bumble hopes to encourage good behavior in its community. It also may be more appealing to the masses because it’s not limited by someone’s external credentials.

How does this program differ than the standard setup? First, you get a sticker on your profile that tells the world that you’re a VIBee. It’s the equivalent of a gold star for this social app, so people browsing your profile know that you have a history of being nice.

Next, there’s a special mode you can activate if you are a VIBee member. Activating the VIBee mode will only show you other VIBee users that meet your parameters. Using this mode, you can be a bit more confident that you may make a real connection.

You can always switch the mode off and check out regular users, especially if you run out of VIBee options to swipe. So, essentially if you are a VIBee member you get the best of both worlds: the general pool and VIP users. With millions of registered users, your swiping options is huge to begin with, but now you can further filter your swiping to only include users with positive app histories like yourself.

Lastly, these are a few perks that come with being part of the Good Guy/Gal club, and more are on the way.

A New Version Coming Soon

Bumble is making a few changes to their VIBee program, though users of the old version may still have access to it. The new version may include some key differences such as including users who are using the friends or networking mode instead of limiting it to dating. It may also include a concierge service, as well as other options to customize user experience.

Furthermore, Bumble seeks to pre-seed their VIBee program with 5 to 10% of their most positive users. Afterwards, they will add members on a rolling basis. So, it still maintains an air of exclusivity but without the elitism seen in other apps.

What does that mean for you? It means that the “good guy” or “good girl” doesn’t have to finish last with this app.


Bumble strives to create a safe, positive social space for real connections. To further that goal, they implemented the VIBee program to connect and reward users who exhibit good behavior in the Bumble community. And unlike other social apps, this VIP program isn’t exclusive to who you are in the world. Instead, it focuses on what matters when making social connections: how nice you are to others.

Finally, while the program is still being fine-tuned, users of the first version may still have access to VIBee mode. Worried about how limited your options are? Don’t be, because Bumble is planning on a relaunch that will roll in new members. That means a whole new pool of VIBeeers to swipe on soon.

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