How to arrange a beauty salon at home

Every day is an emergency, every meeting is a battle, every night is a time spent on a dream. This severe daily reality is a modern workaholic – young, ambitious, who is at the beginning of his career.Year – inspiration, two – a habit, three – already fatigue. 

An alarming symptom that threatens with loss of interest not only to work, but also to life. How to find a way out of this vicious circle? – Arrange a day of relaxation at home!

There are many options for relaxation today. That’s just not all of them contribute to improving health and improving vitality. Combine the pleasure with the useful and restore the harmony of the soul and body can be, having passed the course of health-improving SPA-procedures.

The abbreviation SPA has several versions of origin, but all of them agree that this is a method of healing with the help of seafood. Our grandparents, getting “health through the water,” hardly thought about how good it is with constant workloads at work, but certainly knew how much this contributes to the good-health of the soul.

How to arrange a beauty salon at home

In the modern sense, SPA is a complex of procedures using water, minerals and medicinal plants of the sea. 

Penetrating through the skin, active components activate not only the local metabolic processes, but also improve the body as a whole, removing toxins, stimulating blood circulation and increasing tone.

To date, there are several models of SPA, each of which has its own nuances and features. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the European balneological resorts, because the network of SPA-salons in large cities has so actively expanded. But in the conditions of an eternal shortage of time and they become inaccessible to modern inhabitants of a megacity. Where can I get time to get to such a center? – for many this issue is rising more and more sharply.

Fortunately, today appeared a fundamentally new format of the SPA-salon – with the delivery of services to the client at home.

Now massages, masks, wraps and other procedures using the products of the sea and sea water, which will help to recover physically and emotionally, can be done at home! The plus is that you no longer have to convulsively build into the tight working schedule relaxing procedures, after which you want to soak up in a cozy atmosphere. In addition, the salon at home eliminates the problem of losing time on the road, which is so important for a busy, working person.

HomeSPA meets the latest global trends. Today, the format of day spa is becoming more popular – when a whole range of recreational activities is held for one day. So, you choose the time and place and make an order. This ends your worries. The work of a group of specialists begins, which will prepare and bring everything you need – from sheets, folding couches, preparations to discs with specially selected relaxing music.

Massages are our everything. Agree, it is much more pleasant to spend them in a home environment than in a medical office.

The range of HomeSPA massages offered is wide and varied: popular lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite, exotic Thai, soothing neurosedative.

How to arrange a beauty salon at home

The peculiarity of the unique Thai massage is that it is performed as passive yoga together with a specialist. His system proceeds from the fact that a large amplitude of movements, which is difficult to achieve independently, contributes to the effectiveness of the procedure. Thai massage is a contact massage: when performing manipulations, a close interaction between the masseur and the client is required. Various methods of pressure – hands, back and even the feet of a massage therapist – since ancient times have been used in the East.

Another type of massage, part of the concept of Asian SPA, is a neurosedative massage. It differs from classical techniques: deeply piercing the muscles, without point pressure and rubbing elements, the specialist achieves a complete absence of pain and deep relaxation of the patient.

After an individual massage session, cosmetologists will conduct specially selected procedures for face and body. The preparations used in HomeSPA are based on seaweed and minerals and act healthy and relaxing with an undoubted effect of improving the appearance and condition of the skin. Any procedure begins with gommage – soft peeling. Today, cosmetology departs from the use of aggressive chemical and hardware exfoliation, because this ultimately contributes to the thinning of the protective layer of the skin, and besides, the sensations are quite painful. Therefore, SPA-procedures using active, but soft drugs become a worthy alternative to aggressive intervention. In addition, all HomeSPA specialists have medical education and many years of experience in the salons.

By the way, after any cosmetology intervention it is not recommended to expose the skin to aggressive influence of the street and apply makeup on the face. This is difficult to implement when going to the salon, but at home this pleasant condition is observed. 

Care programs – wraps, masks, moisturizing procedures – are successfully supplemented with auxiliary activities for the whole body: various kinds of manicure, pedicure, wax depilation. These services will help you get everything you need in the complex, without taking the time to write and travel.

So, the opportunity to organize a day of rest, and maybe to make a gift to your loved ones, having ordered a gift certificate with delivery to a certain address, has become more than ever. By the way, if you are usually confused by the prices in the SPA-salons, you will be pleasantly surprised that the services with a trip to the house will cost you even an order of magnitude cheaper.

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