How this celeb-favourite vintage jacket label, is making sustainability cool

The word ‘sustainability’ means different things to different people. For some, it conjures up images of plain clothing, untouched by harmless chemicals and already on its fourth cycle of life.

For others, it’s an entirely overwhelming concept that they tend to ignore for fear of acknowledging shopping sins that they’re so far blissfully unaware of.

But it needn’t be either, and brands such as vintage jacket label Dust of Gods are proving that sustainable fashioncan be an attractive notion both aesthetically and practically.

A Toronto-based company who pride themselves on creating ‘wearable art‘, Dust of Gods comprises a selection of artists who handpick vintage jackets to cut, style, paint and embellish in their studio.

Each jacket is individual and cannot be duplicated, resulting in a truly unique piece that, while sustainable, has never actually been worn before.

It’s no wonder they have so many celebrity fans…

We caught up with the team behind the brand to discover more about the process, their sustainability mission and their recent celebrity commission requests.

Q How did the label get started and what was the inspiration?

A As an architect I have used fashion and art as inspiration for most of my projects. In the same sense, Dust Of Gods blurs the lines between art, design and fashion. Through my eyes art is subjective, perfection is in the eye of beholder. I believe that everything of beauty already has been created and through our process of ‘dusting’ we take the elements of what is already exists to construct something new. Each archival item is a truly unique 1/1 piece, which receives a bespoke dusting of paint, embellishment and iconic imagery to ensure each garment is as unique as the individual wearing it.

Q Which celebrities have worn your jackets?

A Amongst others, Demi Lovato, Migos, Alessandra Ambrosia, Steve Aoki, Jeremih, Travis Mills and Scott Disick have all worn our pieces.

Q Have you had any celebrities recently request/commission jackets?
A Recently I made a couple jackets for Deontay Wilder the world-boxing champion. Other recent commissions include jackets for Travis Scott, Alesso, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jonathan Cheban.

Q How do you source the vintage jackets?

A All of our jackets are collected; we do not use a main supplier. I work with one of largest exporter of Levi’s vintage in Toronto and army surplus stores within multiple locations across The United States. Some jackets are collected during my travels when I am home in LA, along Melrose Street. Other jackets have been collected during my visits to London, at Portobello Road Market.

Q What are your thoughts on the increasing interest in sustainable fashion, considering your business relies on a form of up-cycling?

A In recent years, the trend of vintage luxury goods sees many companies still using raw material and high-energy production techniques to achieve the desired look. I feel that we already have access to resources to create these beloved pieces and celebrate them again. I believe that our future as a species depends on reducing our waste and sustainable fashion has been an ongoing trend, which in recent years – due to the state of our globe – has gained significant importance. Dust of Gods creates luxury wearable art through up cycling carefully selected vintages. This allows us to avoid making more waste while creating new luxury clothing.

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