April 19, 2024

How the moon affects everything from your mood and sleep to your wellness and skin

“Heightened emotions, mood swings and disruptedsleephave certainly been more common in 2019 and have been actively linked more commonly to the remarkable lunar sights we have been privy to,” saysAlison Callan, a Global Business, Clarity and Success Coach.

If you’ve been feeling grumpy, exhausted and generally pretty p***** off but have absolutely no idea why, the moon could well be to blame.

“Just as the moon affects the tides, it would make some logical sense that humans are also naturally affected by the lunar presence, as we are 70% water and thus affected by the gravitational pulls. ”

There are 4 main phases to be aware of with the moon: the full moon, the waxing moon, the new moon and the waning moon. Each stage, which occur approximately 7. 4 days apart, shows different aspects of the moon – and each one impacts our moods differently. Here’s how…

The waxing moon

The Full and New Moon are at opposite points in the lunar cycle so the waxing moon phase is when the moon is growing from the new moon to its full appearance. This type of moon can leave you feeling energetically driven to achieve, do more, be more and generally want to get things completed before the full moon sets in. “You may appear to have more energy, get more refreshed sleep and feel inclined or that it is easier to focus a little more on self care, thus making you feel a more all-round wellness,” says Alison.

The full moon

At the time of the full moon, it is likely that you will sleep less deeply, dream more vividly and take longer to fall asleep, which as a result heightens the emotions that you feel and you may feel more restless generally. Plus, we all know the effects that a bad night’s sleep has on our skin. “In order to maintain your wellness during this time, go slow, take less on and go inwards more frequently, rationalise that your highs may be more extreme as will your lows, yet know it is moon related and try to find what it is that makes you feel a sense of calm to combat the slightly unrested feelings,” advises Alison.

The waning moon

“You may feel yourself starting to plan more, contemplate more and begin to be inward in your thoughts all in preparation for the new moon,’ says Alison.

The new moon

Alison explains how the new moon represents new beginnings, as the lunar cycle starts a brand new rotation, so you may feel called to retreat, to begin again and take time out to build your presence. “You may wish to sleep deeper, longer and be more insular with your communication, slower in your participation and connection with others. This is naturally a time for rebirth and an opportunity to do you,” she says.

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