May 19, 2024

How not to overdry the skin in the winter?

Øeleusinia and dryness are eternal associates of the snow and frost outside the window. Heating and dry air in the room only worsen the situation – the skin must be saved. And it’s not just about caring for the person – body suffers no less from the “charms” of the heating season.

Editor BeautyHack Daria Sizova often faced with dryness and peeling, so I decided to share my method for hydrated and smooth skin.

“Body care need to be given less attention than facial skin – following summer around the corner, and unpresentable appearance of legs, thighs and cleavage will not please anyone. And regardless of the season – sexy girl is can not afford the skin, which resembles sandpaper.

If your care is regular, the skin problems can be forgotten. It will not take you a lot of time and effort: choose a good shower, apply morning and night nourishing body cream (in summer you can go to a lighter lotion), once a week, carefully skrabirovanie the skin, renewing cells and do self-massage with a dry brush. In total for a week – no more than three hours. And nice body and smooth skin will please you every day.

Как не пересушить кожу зимой?

In the winter issue of cleansing you need more detail – even if you have normal skin type, normal gels can overdry it. Moisturize one cream in the cold a little – go to the media with nutrients. As soon as the temperature drops below 7 degrees, take out of the beauty cupboard oil.

First, they smell nice and seemed to further warm you up. Secondly, they moisturize the skin well, even without the help of cream (if the event of force majeure and no extra 5 minutes for extra care).

In this season fell in love with a new tool family brand Skin&Co after tried the serum from this brand – it saved from the cold my face (read more here).

Как не пересушить кожу зимой?

Oil for the soul “Umbrian truffle” Umbrian Truffle Shower Oil is remarkable for its composition – it is an extract of black truffle. 50% of all means – sweet almond oil (it’s clear even the wonderful aroma).

Small drops is enough: getting under the water, it turns into a gentle foam that thoroughly cleanses the skin of impurities. But the effect up (which, by the way, very bad) no. The lipid barrier is not broken, and the skin becomes very smooth.

Как не пересушить кожу зимой?

Winter with this tool – until the spring it to me accurately enough. I suspect that will not break up with him and with the arrival of the off-season – hydration is never superfluous.

Как не пересушить кожу зимой?

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