How not to become a victim of shopping in a large shopping center

Standard shopping routes are increasingly being pulled in the direction of large shopping centers. With all the convenience of the malls, they have their shortcomings – shopaholics creep out of Mega or Royal Park, staggering, weighed down with packages, debts and remorse. 

And the rest of the customers (contrary to popular belief, not all women like to go shopping) quickly get tired of a huge choice, for example, manage to get lost somewhere between the food court and the exit and eventually go away empty-handed and dreary awareness of what to wear again tomorrow there is nothing.

How not to fall into either one or the other extreme and get from shopping in the malls both pleasure and benefit, the correspondent of SE explained.

Rule number 1: see the big picture

The main advantage of shopping in large shopping centers is the opportunity to bypass many stores, picking up items at once with sets. It’s a sin not to take this opportunity – do not grab a little thing from the first store near the entrance.

“The main mistake in shopping is impulsive shopping, snatched things that do not fit in with the rest of the clothes,” says stylist and shopper Elena Vaiman.

If a thing just hangs a lonely orphan in a closet, waiting for your couple, it’s not so bad. The saddest thing is that when you can not even theoretically imagine what kind of shoes and bags can come up to this breathtakingly beautiful and complex dress. And wait for signs from above, while the mind-blowing gathers dust and quietly goes out of fashion …

Every thing on the way to the box office must undergo a severe examination. Do I know with which shoes, bag, trousers, I will wear it? Will not it be that this skirt is poking out in an awful way from under any outer clothing? And, in the end, for what kind of weather did the foolish designers come up with fur jackets with a three-quarter sleeve?

Rule number 2: investigate

So, if you get an impression of the assortment of different stores, along the way deftly drawing kits in your head and conducting a comparative analysis of prices, the chance to get out of the mall by a victorious step (and not a bewildered heap of ragged rags) increases.

But to fully explore the huge mall, you need to be a truly fanatical shopper. If the time and energy for hours of wandering around the halls is a pity, it’s better to map out the necessary shops in advance. And to retreat from the route, only noticing on the horizon something really interesting.

The fact that before leaving the house to look at the sites of unknown brands, presented in the mall, it will take half an hour – and this will allow you to chart your way. Another half hour – to find independent feedback from customers, this can save you from disappointment. All sorts of communities in which you can ask if somebody could see the white ballet flats in black polka dots, can also be helpful.

Rule number 3: live for today

“Another common mistake in shopping – buying on the principle of” I lose weight and climb “or” I will adjust for myself “, – comments Elena Vaiman. “It’s one thing to sew up trousers, and it’s quite another to expect a big blouse in your chest.” You do not need to buy things that you can not wear right on the next day, things that you are not ready for. ”

The golden rule – do not buy a thing that you doubt, a thing from the category “well, like nothing …”.

Rule number 4: go shopping in a good mood

Glossy magazines have built shopping therapy as a panacea for any emotional pain. We are promised that the spontaneous buying of shoes and scarves will cure us of the blues. Large shopping centers in this situation appear as an all-union health resort. But melancholy is not the best adviser when shopping, and the memory of meaningless money spent will not improve the mood. You can lift your mood by shopping – only carefully. For example, buy something long and soberly planned. And you can buy things that are non-defective – Elena Vaiman, for example, recommends to cheer yourself up by buying a stocking or a new set of underwear.

Rule number 5: do not be greedy

The season of sales and visiting stock stores is a great opportunity to save money, and sometimes to get things from earlier inaccessible brands. But you need to approach the process thoughtfully. The thing bought only because of the eye-pleasing price of the price tag will not bring joy. Another selling-out taboo is things that have slipped into a discounted department right from the peak of the fashion of the outgoing season.

All the fashionable gets into a risk group – there is a high probability that in the next season the trend will be buried or will change imperceptibly.

Rule number 6: trust in the inner voice

“In fact, a person always knows whether he really likes a thing – you just need to listen to yourself,” says Elena Vayman. The arguments that prevent you from hearing your inner voice are numerous. For example, it seems that you can not miss the opportunity to buy a thing with such an incredible discount. Or we decide that it’s time to buy something (as a result, in a couple of days we stand in front of the shop window and look not at “something”, but on “that!”, Crumpling the empty wallet in the hands). And it happens that the old dream to get a coat in the spirit of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany” makes you close your eyes to the fact that this particular specimen is wide in the shoulders and sits with a sack. Audrey, let’s be frank, this would not be wearing.

Rule number 7: do not let yourself be confused

There are a lot of rumors about the tricks of the sellers of clothes – and about the pulling mirrors, and the discounted discounts on sales, and about the right music that gives the “buy it!”, And how the consultants are adroit pressure on the weak points of the buyer. Apparently, in most of the conspiracy theories have no special reason. Hardly working in the shops students were studying NLP on secret bases of the CIA, and wheezing speakers with too loud music are more like an oversight of the management of the staff.

But, in any case, it is better to always ask yourself the question: do I buy this thing in a hurry, because I want to quickly quit the noise? Or because the sellers dragged into the fitting room half of the store – and do not buy something that seems to be already picky?

Rule number 8: I’ll think about it tomorrow

Sometimes an evening dress worthy of the Oscar awarding ceremony suddenly appears in the field of vision exactly when we are disciplinedly stepping on the planned path, striking out of the list a “blouse white, 1 piece”, “pantyhose with low waist tan color, 2 pieces. ” Crossing the dream, of course, is not necessary, but here it is better to use the principle of Scarlett O’Hara.

“Impulsive purchase is either unsuccessful or the most rewarding,” Elena Vaiman explains.

To make sure that you have the second option, just ask the seller to postpone the thing until tomorrow. If overnight you did not change your mind, and the next day for a new thing, not too lazy to go through the heat and traffic jams – it means that the thing was really lucky.

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