April 24, 2024

How I Created a Clean Skincare Routine at CVS

Despite my beauty editor title, people are often surprised to learn that my daily skincare regimen isn’t actually some complicated 12-step situation. Most evenings, I top it off at three steps max, changing up the focus depending on what I feel like my skin needs at the time.

But if there’s one thing I’m always zeroing in on, it’s quality over quantity. What exactly does that translate to in skincare speak? Using fewer, better products – ones that feature all the good skin ingredients and none of the bad ones.

Of course, there’s also the assumption that good-for-you ingredients come at a cost. And it’s a myth I love debunking every single time. Because you can get clean products at accessible price points – look no further than your local drugstore! The CVS Clean collection offers thousands of clean skincare products across many trusted brands that are free from parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde donor preservatives.

To help you break it down even further, I’m giving you a peek into my own personal medicine cabinet with all the CVS Clean products I incorporate into my routine. Whether you choose to keep it casual like me or prefer a more self-indulgent routine, you can do so knowing you’re treating your skin the safe and smart way.

Stressed Out? Find Peace of Mind With Bath and Body Works’s New Fall Products

Maybe you feel calmer after a long hike, or perhaps you’re more rejuvenated once you leave your yoga class. That’s because something as simple as breathing in fresh air can be the perfect form of self-care, instantly relieving any stress you might be feeling. Bath and Body Works’s new aromatherapy launches provides the same effect. Whether you’re studying for exams, beating your deadlines at work, or pulling together a group Halloween costume with your best friends (which is never an easy feat), the brand’s new products will get you through it, one breath of its new relaxing blends at a time.

Bath and Body Works recently released two all-new collections that are designed to help you find inner peace with its blend of relaxing essential oils. The appropriately named Peaceful line pairs peppermint and tea tree oils, which is like a cool blast of Zen when you waft in its scent, while Thankful blends together the earthy frankincense and myrrh, a combo that has been used as an ancient remedy for thousands of years.

The brand has also released new scents and updated packaging for its OG favorite candles that will create a relaxing Fall ambiance wherever you choose to light it. Check out the latest product launches from Bath and Body Works, ahead.

Sustainable Christmas gifts for the eco-conscious people in your life

Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips, and even the consumerism of Christmas won’t change this. Beat the shopping panic, and last-minute plastic heavy gift sets, with our ultimate eco-conscious gift guide for her. From refillable lipstick to sustainable perfume and cute reusable coffee-cups, we’ve got the presents to please the eco-conscious people in your life.

Want a sustainable stocking-filler? How about a gift for your girlfriend that will make her and the planet happy? Or a tricky Secret Santa colleague to buy for? Scroll down to shop from GLAMOUR’s picks…

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