How does breastfeeding affect the size and shape of the breast?

The age when a woman, having given birth to a child, aspires to go to work as early as possible, does not have a long breastfeeding: the mother often does not have enough time for the baby. 

With all this, the movement is actively developing in support of natural feeding: ladies at special forums assure that you need to drop everything and feed the child for as long as possible.

She learned about how to find the golden mean between biology and sociology.


To begin with, it is useful to understand how the breast of a nursing woman changes. Outwardly noticeable is primarily the increase in size. But the main changes are not visible with the eye: when a woman becomes a mother, the fat tissue, which constitutes the main “stuffing” of her breast before motherhood, is replaced by a glandular, with ducts, its shape changes, and elasticity decreases. So it was at all times: for nature, when she created a woman, it was more important that the breast feed the child, and not be shown in an open bikini.

Times have changed, but biology does not.

“It’s almost impossible to predict how your breast will change after childbirth,” comments Irina Kovalenko, gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Zdravica medical center, noting that too many factors affect the condition and shape of the breast. But the fact that the breasts hangs is the fault of the ligament apparatus. As the doctor notes, feeding alone does not damage the breast, its shape worsens when it returns to its previous size: excess skin, which simply has nowhere to go, and form the notorious “ears”.

But the wrong method of expressing milk or feeding itself, indeed, loads the already tired ligamentous apparatus of the breast: if the mother is inexperienced, her breast may suffer because of excessive loading while feeding or using devices for expressing.

If there is any doubt that a child when sucking spoils the beauty of the breast, it is worth consulting with a competent breastfeeding specialist, mastering the technique of keeping the baby and expressing the milk.

Benefit to harm

The fact that breastfeeding is useful for both mother and child is an axiom. The composition of breast milk is perfectly balanced for all the necessary nutrients, and also promotes the formation of the immunity of the child. And if modern milk substitutes can provide the baby with everything necessary, then mother’s antibodies to diseases can not be invested in any mixture. Therefore, children who are nourished with natural products are actually sick less often. For mother, the benefit is also rather big: oncologists consider breastfeeding to be one of the main factors in preventing neoplasms in the chest, including cancer.

Proponents of long-term feeding are actively pressing on these two factors and, judging by the forums, can feed children up to four years. From the point of view of specialists, this is at least unjustified: “Feeding for more than a year does not represent a great nutritional value for the child, in addition, the latest research shows that too long feeding (more than one and a half years), as well as too short, is an extra stress for the gland, “- adds Irina Kovalenko.

It is not necessary to feed a toothy baby who runs around the house with might and main. Igor Poperechny explains the situation: “Normally, as the child grows up, the child begins to develop, to be interested in something other than the mother, he has an adaptation to the external environment, the type of food changes, and breastfeeding gradually comes to naught.

Especially give the breast as long as possible, because here come into force are already a few other factors. So, a mother who has been breastfeeding for a long time (more than two years) begins to speculate as a child, she has a fixation on it. 

She, as a matter of fact, is covered by the child and compensates feelings which can not realize with the husband. This situation occurs when the couple really has a bad relationship. ” By the way, it is this mechanism that works when a woman after problems gets problems with her husband: she does not like touching her breast, her husband irritates, and in general she is tired and does not want sex. It does not appear from the air, but only reveals a long-standing problem.

Save the past

The fact that a woman rarely becomes slimmer and slimmer after birth, adds oil to the fire: the complexes create dissatisfaction with themselves, and changing the shape of the chest for the worse becomes a catastrophe. Therefore, all begin to strive to lose weight and fall into a vicious circle: the skin, including on the chest, can not keep up with the pace and overstretch. Therefore, the main advice for a young mother is to return the form gradually and have patience. And when you visit the sports hall, talk with the trainer and perform special exercises for the breast: they do not affect the size and shape of the gland itself, but will help to keep what is there at the correct height.

The second useful habit is a contrast shower. The change in temperature increases the elasticity of the connecting fibers. But the hot bath, on the contrary, reduces the tone. Therefore, it is less likely to relieve stress in this way.

Third – the right bra during feeding. Only he can prevent the mechanical overextension of the skin and ligaments – the main cause of the sagging of the breast. An open bra with a minimum of fabric will give you sexuality, but will not save you from loads. Therefore, with delicate sexy sets should be delayed.

And the last thing: after the birth of a child many things change, the shape of the body, in particular the breast, is no exception. Perhaps you will have to get used to this for a long time. But the result is worth it: it will help you learn to love yourself in any way. And this is the most important thing.

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