How Do You Actually Use a See-Through Designer Bag?

Photo: Imaxtree

With head-to-toe monochrome looks, leopard print and signature all-over logomania being the trends set to run the fall, it seems that now is a great time to cut out all of the subtleties and just show off. As the warmer weather of spring and festival season arrive, theres a new way to flex with your accessories: the designer transparent bag.

While not particularly recommended for heavy lifting — much like the micro-bag, the fanny pack or the woven straw purse — the transparent bag isnt a trend on account of its utility. But contrary to what your first impression might lead you to believe, it is, in fact, the ultimate flex because everything you carry inside also gives you an opportunity to add to your entire look. Its like layering for your accessories: clear bag, micro clutch, a great lipstick, face mist and, of course, sunglasses in the mini-pocket inside when they arent on your head. Depending on the bag, you can carry your laptop or tablet, as well, but you want to be conscious not to carry too much in it as theyre typically made of vinyl, and you dont want the carefully chosen contents of your handbag falling all over the ground.

Nonetheless, theyre super-fun and go with all of the fantastic plastic rain gear were already seeing. Read on for tips on how, exactly, you can style yours for the season ahead.

Photo: Imaxtree

The Bags

The base of this accessorys layering opportunity, the bag itself, is available in a few different iterations now. Keep in mind that transparent colors can be a fun option, too. 

The Bag Inside the Bag

This is probably the ultimate opportunity to flex: While Fendi and Diors all-over prints are everywhere, a Burberry pouch is a more classic option. Whatever you choose, this should be the bold part — its always been whats on the inside that counts.

Everything Else Inside the Bag

Whether its your sunnies slid into the smaller inner pocket or a few facial essentials, this is where cute intersects with useful.


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