How corduroy made its way back into the fashion world’s good books

Having suffered a turbulent few decades since its 70s heyday, corduroy has a history of being one of the fashion world’s most aesthetically divisive fabrics.

But, whether you personally love it or hate it, it’s back. And if you look carefully, past the sea of leopard print and roll-necks likely adorning your friends and Instagram feeds, you’ll spot it.

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A subtle lurker, you could spot your colleague across the office wearing some chic new troos and then – as you get closer to compliment them – *BAM*. They’re ridged. And soft.

How corduroy made its way back into the fashion world's good books

Turns out you *do* like cord, eh? Us too.

Our favourite way to wear it? Why – doubling up via a suit, of course.

The good news is a lot of stores have jumped on the trend – both high street and high end.

Scroll down to shop our edit of the best ways to wear it head-to-toe…

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