How can you NOT think science is AWESOME!?

Magnetic putty seems to have a mind of its own when it dances around a magnetic ball.

Thanks to centrifugal forces, this man is able to do a full 360 loop on foot. He needed to reach 8.65 mph at the highest point in order to successfully do this without falling.


This insane reaction is what happens when concentrated sulphuric acid is added to p-nitroaniline.

An octopus reveals itself after mimicking the ocean floor.

This magnet slowly makes its way through a copper pipe rather than falling at a normal speed.

This spoon melts in hot water because it is made out of Gallium.

A candle being re-lit through the smoke it releases.

The external pressure of 500 rubber bands is enough to tear this watermelon open despite it having a hard outer shell.

It takes about 29.53 days for the moon to complete a full revolution around the earth. Here is a visual of lunar phases during that time.

This is what glass looks like when being shattered at 10,000,000 FPS. Fun fact: It takes 10 tons of pressure to shatter a cube of glass that is 1 cubic centimeter.

This plasma loop shooting out of the Sun is 4 times the size of Earth. FOUR TIMES!!!

This thermal camera catches a lady shit her pants before walking away.

When Sodium polyacrylate is mixed with water it creates a snow-like substance.

This is an X-Ray shot of someone chewing and swallowing their food,.

Super-cooled water freezes instantly after contacting ice.

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