How 1 Woman Discovered a Wardrobe Aesthetic That Perfectly Suited Her Career Goals

Belts are a easy way to help define and refine a look. Kendall says that whether you choose a wide sash style to help cinch your waist or a thinner two-inch version that you can use to camouflage a waistband, belts help enhance your overall shape and express your sense of style.

And as mentioned earlier, you can use a belt to add some pattern and texture play, like a pearl embellished belt against a black top with white stitching.

Shop for belts based on your proportions. “If you’re short-waisted, opt for narrower belts that will make you appear longer (paired with midrises). Go wider if you have an average to longer waist to help create definition that doesn’t visually foreshorten your torso,” Kendall explains.

If you’re looking to accessorize a dress, particularly a sheath-style version, Kendall says to look for something narrow. She also notes that a sheath silhouette, on its own, achieves a body-flattering, skim fit – so a belt may not be necessary.

When pairing a belt with a top that functions more like a bodice, go wider. It’ll help create an hourglass shape up top. Keep the bottom slim with a tapered pant or skirt. You don’t have to worry about it looking too bulky since this top in particular has side draping and a shaped seam at the waist to flow smoothly over natural curves.

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