Hotels putting the WTF in your vacation, Photos

Staying in a hotel for the first time can be a real crap shoot. With all the online reviews and ratings out there, a lot of the guess work has been taken out, but there are still some real gems out there. I like my hotel to have a little personality, but I also like to feel safe and NOT feel bed bugs crawling on me.

These hotels are a real mixed bag.

The above is one picture.

No monsters under this bed.

The breast hotel room you’ll ever see.

Whoever decided on this pattern for the hotel stairs carpet deserves their own ring of hell.

A hotel in Japan has animatronic dinosaurs at check-in.

That’s some high quality architecture.

This room sign has braille. Unfortunately, the entire sign has raised texturing.

Another perfectly placed hide-a-bed.

This hotel spared no expense in their entertainment room.

These hotel curtains definitely wont scare the shit out of anyone.

I’ll take the stairs. Thanks.

Nothing in this hotel bathroom lines up.

I bet the cleaning crew loves this.

A decoration in a (clearly upscale) hotel.

The least comfortable shit ever?

Hotel carpet growing mushrooms.

This hotel placed the soap dispenser above the TP…

The placement of this pull-out bed is on point.

The perfect spot for a break in this mirror.

The hotel sink protrudes into the shower.

I… just… What?

I think this is supposed to be a motivational poster, but it makes me feel illiterate.

Now, this looks like a fun hotel.

One of these is not like the other.

THIS is how you should leave your hotel room when checking out.

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