July 22, 2024

Hormonal contraceptives can relieve acne and cause weight gain

Every woman who has a regular sex life thinks about her safety. To date, it is recognized that hormonal contraception is the most reliable method of protection. But more than that – also a guarantee of women’s health.

True, according to statistics, in Russia this method is used by only one in ten women: the majority is still afraid of the terrible word “hormone”. SHE learned about how today’s hormonal drugs affect a woman.

A short digression into the story, which gynecologists do tirelessly, is this: in ancient times, a woman immediately after the onset of menstruation was married. After that, of course, pregnant, then fed, and soon waited for the next child. So she fulfilled her main natural function – reproductive.

Idle work

This function was regulated physiologically, and the ovaries rested for a long period after providing the body with the ovum and fertilizing it. Today there is no natural regulation: the egg ripens monthly, the level of hormones constantly fluctuates, and when ovulation occurs the microtrauma of the ovary – it breaks when the egg leaves. This leads to numerous diseases of the female sexual sphere.

The mechanism of hormonal contraceptive work is to translate the ovaries from cyclic to tonic mode: they are at rest and constantly produce the same level of hormones, and this is the physiological protection of the female body.


Advantages Ovarian idleness in a woman who does not want to have children yet can lead to their dysfunction. In addition, the monthly increase, and then lowering the level of hormones, often affects the so-called target organs: the mammary glands, the inner surface of the uterus. Each time they prepare for pregnancy, and then have to rebuild – which, according to doctors, increases the risk of tumors in these organs.

Here are the main advantages of hormonal contraceptives:

• Establish a cycle: a woman always knows when menstruation will come, and gets rid of the painful symptoms of hated PMS – pain and raspiraniya in the stomach and chest.
• normalizing the hormonal background, contraceptives prevent the development of mastopathy, eliminate the risks of myomas, endometriosis.
• drugs with antiandrogenic action treat the problem skin: oily hair, acne and greasiness of the skin (their appearance is caused by excessive production of the male hormone testosterone). The same drugs are good for women with low blood pressure, reduced tone.

Not all shown.

Of course, hormonal contraception has its own contraindications. “The largest of them is a violation of the blood coagulation system and serious vascular disorders: migraines, severe varicose veins, thromboses. This may even be an absolute contraindication, “comments Lyubov Treyvish, a gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Avicenna clinic.

They say that tablets can not be taken by smoking ladies. “A woman older than thirty-five who smokes more than 15 cigarettes a day is one group whose hormonal contraceptives are absolutely contraindicated, fewer cigarettes or younger age – and the contraindication becomes relative, but this patient needs more careful control,” explains the question of smoking Svetlana Vedyasheva, gynecologist-endocrinologist of the medical center “Alone”.

With some liver diseases, taking oral contraceptives can cause nausea and allergies. However, today this problem is solved by gynecologists by using modern forms – plaster or vaginal ring: they provide a monotonous intake of the hormone into the blood, bypassing the liver.

Right choice

In general, the three main forms of hormonal contraception (pills, ring or patch) today give a great choice. However, it will have to be done by the doctor: the condition of the woman, her constitution, predispositions, way of life will influence the choice of the remedy, despite the fact that all the preparations on the market are safe and effective almost one hundred percent. You may need to undergo a special analysis for hemostasis. “Such an analysis is mandatory for women with hereditary pathology of the coagulation system. If she already had thrombosis of the veins or relatives of the first line had a stroke or heart attack at a young age – up to 50 years, “- says Svetlana Vedasheva.

Sex and weight

Two more prejudices associated with hormonal contraception: it is believed that after the start of taking pills, the arrows of the scales will necessarily crawl upward, and the indicator of sexual desire will give a sharp curve downward.

“Indeed, hormonal contraceptives can become a provoking factor in weight gain, but only if a woman has a predisposition to it, but then she can just as well recover from stress, after illness or from too quiet a life,” Lyubov Treyvish believes.

“Regardless of the reason, the main thing in developing excess weight is the imbalance in energy consumption and energy consumption,” agrees the endocrinologist of the medical center “Catharsis” Vladimir Shishigin.

As for sex, here everything is also not easy: tablets can cause a decrease in craving due to a change in the concentration of hormones. Svetlana Vedasheva told a funny case from practice: a patient with an elevated level of a male hormone was picked up with a drug with an antiandrogenic effect to solve problems with oily skin. After two months of admission, she demanded “to return the former desire,” the real level of sexual temperament, which was revealed after the normalization of the hormonal status, did not suit her, and the drug had to be canceled.

Undo effect

And the last: there is an opinion that from tablets it is necessary to “have a rest”. “After the drug is discontinued, the probability of becoming pregnant doubles, we apply this method to the treatment of certain forms of infertility,” says Love Treyvish. “But if the woman is healthy, the drug suits her and pregnancy is not planned, there is no need for breaks, it only hurts the ovary once more, which is used to a quiet work regime. ”

As you can see, the world is still ruled by myths. If you look at some common fears, then they turn out to be groundless. Science does not stand still, and if your mum’s concerns about hormonal contraception have a real basis, then modern technology achieves maximum safety and one hundred percent effectiveness. So why deny yourself the convenience?

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