The sell-out Topshop heels are back in stock and you’ll see them on everyone’s feet this summer

From the chic, one-shouldered Sicily dress to the colourful bohemian Austin dress, the high street fave has an uncanny knack of predicting which pieces will be a hit with fashion lovers.

In case it had escaped your notice, for the last few couple of months, Topshop have been releasing a weekly installment of hero pieces every Thursday at 9am.

So if you tried (and failed) to get your hands on a certain pair of cult strappy sandals last season, prepare to get excited, because this week, Topshop are releasing their cult Strippy Heels for the second time around.

You might remember that the elevated, square-toed sandals flew off the shelves in a matter of days last season, and seeing as they’re the literal incarnation of the ’90s in a shoe, it’s hardly surprising.

This season, Topshop have blessed our toes with an extended colour range, meaning we can hotstep our way into summer in a pair of black, white, coral, lime green or snake print heels. Or all five shades, if you fancy a different pair to take you through the week.

We’d highly recommend you add a pair to your basket right this second if fancy getting your hands on a pair though, because these heels will be walking off the shelves pronto. See you at the checkout…

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