Hoodia, do not forget that the main thing is not to lose weight, but to model the figure

Why do people lose weight? Is it only for the arrow on the scales to swing and freeze at the desired 50-60-70 kilograms? Or all the same, in order to make the figure more beautiful? 

Many people want the second one, but act as if they are only interested in the first – they just “do not sit jokes”, as Maya Plisetskaya said, lose 5 kg per week, and then do not know what to do with “excess skin” and flabby muscles. And I dreamed of being not only thin, but also slender. She learned about how to correct the figure and keep the skin toned.

“Usually, first you lose weight, and only then the skin shrinks to a new size,” explains physiotherapist (specialist in therapeutic gymnastics) Joseph Dagnac, founder of THALAC. – The older the person, the slower this process takes place. Usually, problems arise on the inside of the thighs and arms, as does the chest. ”

That is, do not be surprised if the skin takes some time to just tighten the new forms. But do not sit idle – help her. And take care of the skin need not after you lose weight, and start immediately, once you decide to do weight loss.

We sat down and ate

First, no diet without exercise is not effective. The loss of muscle mass as a result of a severe restriction in food is a health hazard, a weight gap that will quickly fill up. Do not be frightened by the phrase “exercise”: “No one forces us to use force exercises,” Olesya Shorina, an expert in the correction of the figure of the center “Sante Aesthetik”, calms. – Choose something that you will do nicely – Pilates, yoga, water aerobics, even just swimming – it’s an excellent warm-up. ”

Even walks of at least thirty minutes a day can be equated to physical exercises – but here you still need elementary squats to strengthen the hips, exercises for the press and hands – at home for 20 minutes three times a week. It’s easy, you can.

Wrap and chop

Excellent tone and “sculpt” the figure all sorts of procedures. The main one for strengthening is hand massage, of course – some people consider it a substitute for physical exercises, but this is debatable, but the fact that it helps to work out the muscles, extracts excess fluid, strengthens the skin and reduces the fat layer – quite accurately. In addition, it’s a good idea to combine a diet with water procedures – Charcot’s shower, for example. Or “frosts” – cryosauna for the whole body, and cryobreatings locally: “Effects of cold tighten, improve the tone and overall appearance of the skin,” says Natalia Salnikova, a doctor of the health and fitness center “Effect”.

Accelerates the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin, which helps the skin to contract and not be flabby. ” Also, the doctor recommends mesotherapy and ozone therapy on especially problem areas – not the most pleasant sensations, but if the desire to be beautiful is strong, it will act as an anesthesia. Also suitable are wraps with the effect of lifting, which, according to impressions, are not so effective, but are much more attractive than injections.

Smear at home in the bathroom

You can work on yourself and yourself in your native walls. “At home, it is good to take baths with sea salt regularly,” Olesya Shorina recommends. – The use of body scrubs will help remove dead skin cells and creams – anti-cellulite, firming, toning – will work more effectively. ” If you are concerned about stretch marks inevitably appearing in the chest, arms, abdomen and thighs with a lot of weight loss, then you need to apply dangerous oils from stretch marks sold in pharmacies, creams, preferably from professional series can be purchased at the salons. In extreme cases, enrich the body cream with almond oil – this is an old recipe for home cosmetology.

Eat zinc

You can also help the skin from the inside. Actively consume vitamin C – it is an antioxidant, involved in the formation of collagen. Do not forget about the yellow and red capsules – vitamins A and E, their beneficial effect on the skin has long been known. Drink antioxidant complexes, which include trace elements, such as zinc. “Zinc helps restore the structure of the skin and acts as an immunomodulating agent for the skin – reduces the number of pimples, comedones,” says Natalia Salnikova. “In addition to vitamin complexes, it is found in meat products – use them as part of your diet.”

And finally about the main rule of quality weight loss – do not drive a wave. 20 kg for 20 days – it’s tempting, but harmful to health. In addition, it is almost impossible to keep such an effect – for the next 20 days, the kilograms will certainly return, and maybe with the addition. “You were not gaining weight for a week, so you do not need to get rid of it in a few days,” the figure correction specialist is sure. “The optimal rate of weight loss is 3 kg per month.” Long? But it is true.

During this time the body will adapt to new conditions, the skin will have time to contract, the muscles will be pumped up and you will get a dream in the mirror. Dare!

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