April 15, 2024

Honey Blonde Hair Is The Delicious, Glossy Alternative To Platinum

This year icy blondes have ruled. But while we’re here for jaw-droppingly fresh statement strands, platinum can be seriously hard on hair. Hence, honey blonde is about to blow up as the sweetest alternative to ice.

Where this years headliners – milky blonde, Marilyn blonde and Targaryen blonde – require a heavy dose of bleach in order to deliver a cool, clean aesthetic, honey blonde feels bright and impactful, but it also offers extra warmth to skin (much appreciated now we’re freezing our way through winter).

Venetia Archer, founder of beauty treatment app Ruuby, tells GLAMOUR this trend is “popular as it complements every skin tone and allows you to make a subtle and natural change. ” It offers a perpetual glow that lights up features and adds warm caramelised tones.

It’s also seasonless and works all year round. Hair trends typically embrace lighter tones in the summer and darker shades in the winter, but given this isn’t a super blonde or bleached look it actually makes the colour more accessible. Dark brunettes won’t have to go through two phases of bleach to get the look. And if you’re already platinum, it’s easy.

Another majorly important bonus? It’s gentler on strands that are gasping for a little TLC after being pushed to the extreme.

One celeb already on board, is Kim Kardashian, who has moved to the softer shade after seven months of pretty (but punishing) bleached blonde hair.

And we’re expecting to see more people adopt the shade as they move back down the hair thermometer.

«After an intense colour change (such as going platinum), I always think at some point the hair needs a break. I love that Kim K has decided the same and for the time being is heading back to a healthier hair journey,» says pro London hair colourist, Gemma Smidmore.

“Bleaching hair many times isn’t always sustainable. It can cause breakage and damage the condition,» Gemma says. “When ready for a change from platinum blonde and wanting a healthier look, I couldn’t recommend adding a mix of honey tones more,” she adds.

So what should you ask your hairdresser for? Venetia says: «‘Golden sun kissed’ is the colour to request. There’s versatility within the shade, too, so you can find a honey blonde that works for you. “If you’re going from a full head of bleach, you can cover with a honey toner,” Gemma explains. “This would be a mix of different honey shades, created by a professional just for you, to work with your individual skin tone. It also adds shine and health back into the hair as it doesn’t require bleaching,” she says.

“Or, if you wanted to keep some of your platinum, why not head for a honey balayage. You get to keep some of your brighter blonde, mixed with honey hues,” says Gemma. “This is still kind on the hair, but adds different delicious tones and dimension. ”

As for maintaining it? It couldn’t be more low-key. Venetia advises using a purple shampoo and mask to keep out any brassy tones which might arrive over time.

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