Hollywood’s Go-To Eyebrow Artist On How To Fix Over-Plucked Brows

The first step is to put away the tweezers. “So many of us have a heavy hand with tweezers and often accidentally over-pluck,” says Baker. “It takes about two to three months for brow hairs to grow in, so give them time to get back to or as close to your natural shape as possible.”

One exception: If there are stray hairs far from your natural brow line (for example, between the two or below the orbital bone), you can continue plucking those. Just avoid getting too close, she cautions: “Avoid plucking above the brows and right under your natural brow line, as removing stray hairs there may create a hole in the brow line.”

Whether you over-plucked as a teen or fell victim to one of the latest eyebrow trends, you may be left with an in-your-face reminder, quite literally, of years past. While full brows frame the face, giving it a more symmetrical and youthful appearance (just look to classic beauties like Cindy Crawford), thin arches can have the opposite effect.

“Because the brows are typically a focal point on the face, if a person isn’t happy with the way theirs look, they can become self-conscious,” says Kelley Baker, a celebrity brow expert in Venice Beach, CA, who has worked with the Kardashians, Lea Michelle, Shay Mitchell, and more. Happily, with the right products and a little patience, your brows will grow in beautifully.

To speed up the regrowth process, try a regrowth serum, like LASHFOOD’s BROWFOOD Brow Enhancing Gelfix ($24; sephora.com), or a simple vitamin E oil. Apply it morning and night, and you should start to see results in a few weeks. Once your brows have grown back in a bit, Baker recommends visiting a professional to help you create the shape you want (remember, a high arch can help balance a round face while a softer brow can help balance sharper facial features) and going back to the same technician monthly.  That’s because a specialist will also show you how to maintain the shape moving forward.

To enhance your brow shape and fill in any sparse areas during the awkward regrowth process, Baker recommends using a brow powder like her Brow Powder Duo ($26). Brush the two powders through, then brush through again to blend for a natural-looking finish. Finally, use a highlighter (she suggests her Camo Light Highlighter Pencil; $22) to camouflage any random hairs. “Drawing a straight line under your brow will help minimize the appearance of strays,” she says. “This will also lighten and brighten the entire eye area, drawing more attention to your actual eyes.”

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