Tropical palm seeds in its most beautiful sustainable collection yet

H&M launched its ‘Conscious Exclusive’ collection back in 2012, focussing on development and innovation in the sustainable space. They act as a test bed space for the design team to work with new, planet-friendly materials which are subsequently incorporated across the H&M business, contributing to its ambitious goal to only use recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

While the current Coronavirus crisis may not be directly linked to climate change, one global emergency is certainly making many of us think more intensely about the other.

And as we all look to be spending more and more time at home over the next few weeks, it’s the perfect opportunity to really brush up on your awareness of what habits you could change to better our environment. With fashion known to be one of the most planet-damaging industries, your wardrobe is a great place to start.

High street brands have a long way to go when it comes to sustainable fashion, but certain stalwarts are taking huge steps in the right direction.

Eight years on from the first launch, H&M’s brand new Conscious Exclusive collection – which will be shoppable from March 26 – is undoubtedly its most exciting so far.

Forget everything you’ve ever thought about ‘sustainable fashion’, this launch is every inch a chic, fashion-forward offering with beautiful designs that will serve your wardrobe season after season.

From romantic, balletic silhouettes with ribbon detailing to recycled taffeta and tulle accents, it’s a feminine collection bursting with cool, modern details.

Leftover stock fabric from previous collections including organic silk, recycled polyester-taffeta and recycled glass beads make a welcome return, while the collection also marks its first denim piece. Made of 100% undyed organic cotton, the white jeans are recyclable and minimise the use of chemicals while simplifying the reusage of processed water.

The brand’s conscious leather-look offering is one of the collection’s real highlights, all made using the relatively new fabric Vegea. An innovative vegan material partly made from the by-products of winemaking, where discarded grape skins, stalks and seeds are turned into a beautiful leather alternative, it is not only far more sustainable than real leather, but of course entirely more ethical too. A pair of strappy sandals is high on our list, while the pouch bag is at the very top.

Forming the smaller details, many of the collection’s pieces feature Econyl (a regenerated nylon made from discarded fishing nets), recycled brass and zinc from pre-consumer sources such as scrap electronics and jewellery, and biodegradable Corozo buttons made from the seed of tropical palms.

“For SS20, the Conscious Exclusive design team took a truly holistic approach to sustainability, considering the emotional durability and the afterlife of the garments in more detail than ever before”, said Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor at H&M. “We remain committed to creating special, sustainable pieces that will truly last a lifetime.”

Impressed? We certainly are.

Scroll down to see 16 of the collections major highlights, and the pieces we’ll be snapping up as soon as the collection drops on March 26…

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