June 17, 2024

H&M just launched a collection of sustainable summer dresses

But, as if it’s been witness to our thoughts over recent weeks, H&M has just launched a capsule collection of sustainable dresses – just in time for the much-anticipated lockdown lift.

Known and adored for its frequent ‘conscious collections‘, H&M is one of the high street brands acknowledging its environmentally problematic production processes and making big strides to innovate and rectify the issues.

With sustainable production in the fashion industry so underdeveloped so far, H&M have come up with countless innovative materials to experiment with over recent seasons – orange fiber to replicate silk, pineapple leaves to provide a leather alternative and recycled glass within jewellery are particular highlights.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been having a constant internal dialogue over the last few months as to your shopping habits. You crave the excitement of lusting after a new piece, but you’ve got nowhere to wear it. You may have been furloughed or struggling for work, and therefore have little disposable cash right now. You’re likely also acutely aware of frivolous spending on fast fashion that’s likely harming the environment.

For many of us, the negatives have outweighed the positives recently, with little more than the quick thrill of a new outfit to wear precisely nowhere proving an unjustifiable cause.

With its latest collection of dresses made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials – such as organic cotton, Tencel or recycled polyester – H&M is continuing its commitment to a more conscious future.

“This is yet another step towards the goal to only use recycled and sustainably sourced materials by 2030, and to make sustainable clothing available to everyone. ”

The collection – bursting with bright colour, occasional bold prints, puff sleeves (swoon) and a variety of lengths from minis all the way through to maxis – is available from today. And we’re predicting a sell out…

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