This Is How Fashion Girls Are Styling Knee-High Boots Right Now

In the world of boots, knee-high silhouettes are one of those seemingly “classic” styles that are versatile to boot. From black to brown in so-soft suede or supple leather, they’re a wardrobe staple for many women, most often with skirts or jeans.

But I said seemingly, so you know I’m about to drop some fashion facts on you. You ready? Right now, knee-high boots are having a big moment but it’s not so much that the boot style has evolved or changed (though square-toes, low heels, and luxe textures like faux-croc are particularly trendy at the moment). The freshness lies in the styling, specifically via the good old “boot tuck”.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, I tuck my jeans into boots all the time, that’s not exactly new. And I hear you. The look I’m talking about is even more specific than that. Fashion girls from celebs to influencers are taking the concept of tucking boots into pants a bit farther with looser trousers, leather pants, cargos, and even sweatpants!

Unlike with jeans, these pants are intended to look roomy, slightly ballooning out over the tops of boots with an equestrian look á la the early 20th century. Yes, it’s a look and a bolder one at that. But if you’re looking for new outfit ideas that center around a simple knee-high boot, I highly suggest taking this formula for a spin. Think of it as a free way to take new shoe trends for a spin, because you likely already have a pair in your closet.

Of course, the “new” boot tuck might be a bit much for some, and that’s OK! There are plenty of other fresh ways to style knee-high boots this season whether it’s with a sweater and your favorite pair of jeans (I love a ultrahigh-rise pair in a vintage wash) or tucked under a midi dress or skirt (pleated skirts and asymmetrical hemlines are definitely key for Spring) with a top of your choosing (may I suggest 2020’s oversize bib collar or a puffy sleeve?).

Whatever your knee-high boot aesthetic is, ahead, scroll on for 34 fashion-girl-approved ways to style them now and through Spring, courtesy of my Instagram saved folder.

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Anna told Shape that her healthy diet is essential, too. Shakira and Anna have only shared snippets of what the star’s workouts looked like while building up to the Super Bowl, and from what we’ve seen, they’re serious business. And clearly, the hard work paid off!

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