Outspoken Lipstick in Support of the Women’s March

The fourth annual Women’s March is taking place in Washington DC (and across the country) this weekend, and social justice beauty brand Lipslut has created the perfect new lipstick to support the occasion.

The company has teamed up with the official Women’s March organization to launch a new vegan, cruelty-free lipstick shade inspired by the movement under the name Feminist as F*ck.

Lipslut Feminist as F*ck Lipstick ($20) is a matte red liquid formula that the brand itself describes as being “outspoken” and “ready to make a statement.” The color is now available online for preorder, and shipping on all orders will begin in March.

Like the handful of other mission-based products that Lipslut has released in the past – including the F*ck Trump Liquid Lipstick and, most recently, the Impeach Trump Lip Gloss – a portion of all earnings from the orders will be donated.

For the aforementioned products, customers were able to choose from a handful of charities and organizations that benefited women and other marginalized groups when they made a purchase, but in this case, 50 percent of the proceeds will go directly to Women’s March.

‘Cream skin’ is the low-key Korean beauty trend that will take over your skincare regime this year

Sheet masks, egg cleansers, glass skin and skin-refreshing essences: Oh, K-Beauty, where would our beauty regime be without you in our lives?

The Koreans have bestowed some incredible beauty trends and products upon us and the latest is probably the most achievable.

‘Cream Skin’ is the effortless solution to achieving that much coveted dewy ‘glow’ and radiant looking skin.

Gone are the days of striving for the super matte, no shine look, the latest skincare trend calls for super plump and juicy skin courtesy of just two products.

The cream skin trend encourages us to ditch our laborious multi-step skincare regimes (so long, oils, serums, moisturisers, exfoliators!), and instead rely on just two products: a toner and featherlight moisturiser.

Co-founder of major Korean skincare brand, Soko Glam, Charlotte Cho, told StyleCaster that cream skin is both a concept and a look and you can achieve it by ditching that much-loathed, lengthy 10-step routine.

Meanwhile, Beauty Flash founder Lisa de-la-Plain told Refinery29: “Glass skin is more focused on a skincare routine, offering a transparent, clear, and luminous complexion using several products. Cream skin is a little gentler and combines the softening and absorption powers of a toner with the hydration and benefits of a moisturiser.

“Nowadays, no one has time to follow a big routine or the need to carry around countless products. Instead, consumers want on-the-go products that combine traditional skincare steps without sacrificing the results.”

Thankfully, there’s a product (aptly named Cream Skin) that’ll help you achieve the look in seconds. Laneige’s Cream Skin, £24, uses Cream Blending Technology to dissolve a jar of cream in skin toner, filling the skin with moisture right from the first step.

The cream is also packed with white leaf tea water, rich in amino acid to strengthen the barriers of rough skin and provide skin with continuous moisturiser.

It sounds like our ideal low-key, lazy girl skincare regime dream.

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