High school students, reportedly caught, trading N-word passes during lunch

Students at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland, were reportedly caught by staff trading “N-word passes” during their lunch hour on Friday.

The papers, which were traded between an unidentified number of students, allegedly gave the pass holders “permission” to use the N-word, according to WJLA.

Following the discovery of the passes, principal Brandice Heckert released an impassioned email, stating, “I am deeply disappointed and appalled that any student in our school would choose to engage in such a racist, hateful act. This behavior is disgraceful and does not reflect the values expected of Winston Churchill students.

Not only is this behavior hurtful to our community, but it also undermines all the great attributes our students have to offer. I made a promise to all students that I would not ignore acts of intolerance and hatred… While I cannot share specific consequences for the students involved, please be assured that they will match the severity of the action and will be in alignment with the Student Code of Conduct.”

Students at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland, were reportedly caught trading “N-word passes” during lunch.

Principal Heckert appears to be proactive in correcting such blatantly offensive behavior, including meeting with all members of the staff, student leaders, and other students to “talk about the incident and to discuss what can be done collectively to not only teach acceptance and tolerance, but to also celebrate the different cultures within our community.” Heckert added, “The PTSA Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 19, will solely be an open forum on tolerance, racism, and bias.”

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