May 19, 2024

High-res Saddam-A**-Kicking memories of First Gulf War

We came, we saw and we kicked Saddam’s f’n A**.

Between Operation Desert Shield/Storm, America faced the Earth’s 5th largest Army.

How quickly did we beat ‘em?

2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991 (6months, 3weeks and 5days)

Iraq sent up every thing that they had. Photo above shows anti-aircraft guns firing on the opening day of the War. (not counting covert SEALs/AH-64 Apache missions)

But our pilots put never before seen or battle tested technology to the ultimate test.

This one’s for the work-horse weapons.

The weapons that have come and gone but damn if our troops didn’t luv them.

We got tons of supplies, weapons and man-power from point A to B.

And our Men and Women fought day-night and into the next day.

This high-res gallery is for those who Served in the First Gulf War.

Everyone over 35-years old remembers the fast victory.

Over the years, it’s almost become a laughing thought.

But it was scary. Like biological weapons scary.

Yeah, it was the Hell that is War.

That being said…

…G-D, we rolled that bobble-head Saddam.

“Don’t wake a sleeping Dragon”

Because ol’ American mutts ain’t afraid to go into the fire of Harm’s Way.

Not to be left-out,
Thank you to our Allies who fought side-by-side with us too.

…and our bad-A hard working guys still battling in the Middle East.

“Thank You”
For all of us here at theChive.

To our past and present, “Thank You”
For all of us here at theChive.

Operation Desert Shield(2 August 1990– 17 January 1991)
Operation Desert Storm(17 January 1991– 28 February 1991)
292 U. S. and Allied humans lost their lives.
History will remember the First Gulf War.

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