Hidden Valley Is Selling Kegs Filled With All the Ranch Dressing You Should Ever Need

Good news if you’re the former:  Hidden Valley has rolled out a keg of ranch, which is being sold on the food merch site Flavour Gallery for $50. Truth be told, I’d totally tap that.

You’re either completely obsessed with ranch dressing – pouring it allover your salads, wings, pizza, and fries – or you can’t stand the stuff.

The 10 x 6 inch keg reportedly holds a whopping five liters of dressing. That’s basically a year supply, unless you use it on literally everything. The inside of the silver barrel is lined with a special coating that meets FDA specifications to ensure the dressing stays fresh. Plus, it’s stackable. Because who wants just one?

If you’re not completely grossed out by the idea, you can pre-order the keg now, and it will begin shipping on December 11. Maybe you want to consider gifting it to a friend for the holidays (or yourself, which is perfectly respectable). Happy dipping!

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